Victim’s son files lawsuit over Craigslist killing

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Craigslist killing victim James Sanders Sr.

SEATTLE — The boy who watched his father shot to death over a diamond ring posted for sale on Craigslist is suing the state Department of Corrections, claiming it did not do enough to supervise two felons later convicted of killing his dad, The News Tribune reported.

Three years after the murder, James Sanders Jr., now 17, is seeking unspecified monetary damages, in a lawsuit filed on his behalf by his mother.

James Sanders Sr., was murdered in their Edgewood home during a home-invasion robbery in April 2010. His attackers were responding to an ad for a diamond ring for sale the elder Sanders had posted on Craigslist. Sanders and his wife were tied up and beaten and their son was pistol-whipped. Sanders Sr. was shot when he tried to fight back.

Gunman Kiyoshi Higashi and Joshua Reese were two of four people convicted of first-degree murder in the case. In the lawsuit, James Sanders Jr. contends Higashi and Reese were under the supervision of the Department of Corrections for previous felony convictions.

Read more from the Tribune here.

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  • Xuven

    He should also be suing the ACLU some of the monitoring rules or lack there of come from them trying to protect the crooks rights to privacy…. As far as I am concerned after you are convicted of a violent crime you blew it you no longer have a right to privacy.

    • you_lack_reality

      Not if they served their time. Nothing was done wrong. Whatever lawyer helped them file the lawsuit needs to be banished to the Arctic.

  • MMB

    They were under supervision and DOC had a "take charge" relationship with that supervision, which means it was their duty to protect future potential victims, and they didn't do that. Plus, these guys had violated that supervision and should have been behind bars. know your facts.

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