Witnesses describe chaotic shooting scene in downtown Seattle

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — A bustling Monday morning rush-hour crowd in downtown Seattle was stunned by the sound of gunfire on a packed Metro bus.

seattle bus shootingWitnesses saw the bus driver and a would-be passenger arguing at Third and Union.

“When I was going up to the bus, I could see them hitting at each other and then pop, pop, pop,” Richard Gray said of the altercation and then of the man opening fire on the bus driver.

Another witness said, “He hit the driver and I turned away. And then I heard the pop, and so I ran. And then it seemed like he was going the same direction I was, so I kept running.”

The gunman shot the 64-year-old bus driver, Deloy Dupuis, twice.  He was treated for his wounds at Harborview Medical Center and released Monday afternoon.

Interim Seattle Police Chief Jim Pugel described the scene in the seconds after the gun was fired.  “At the same time, people are exiting both the front and back door of the bus — they’re running, they’re yelling, ‘He has a gun.’ ”

Witnesses say the gunman then took off running, with officers close behind.  Cops say the gunman tried to get into several vehicles during the chase but couldn’t and kept running with the weapon still in hand.

Kip Green was running away at the time. “You can’t help people when someone pulls out firearms,” Green said. “You better run and then call somebody to help.”


Suspected gunman Martin A. Duckworth, 31, died after being shot by Seattle police officers on Metro bus.

The gunman then jumped on board a different Metro bus at Second and Seneca as police closed in.

Passengers on that crowded bus jumped out the back as police drew their weapons.  Once riders were clear, officers, using their own patrol cars as shields, fired multiple rounds at the gunman, striking him.

Kari Courtade saw the entire thing from the safety of her office 18 floors above.

“Oh my God,” Courtrade said. “It was so scary. I mean you don’t really see that kind of stuff every day; to see it right outside the window is pretty breathtaking.”

Police say officers used deadly force only because they had no other option. They shot the gunman several times only after he raised his weapon at them.

Police confirmed Monday afternoon that the gunman, identified as Martin A. Duckworth, 31, died of his injuries at Harborview Medical Center.

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  • Joe

    .I knew the perp had a tiny brain.
    You people voted for Democrats way too long now, so now force your dues, they’re after hand guns form law abiding citizens. They’re now scheming at the top levels to force integrate your neighborhoods with you know who!

    They’re now laughing: “Take that honkeys your even too stupid to have bars on your doors and windows! HA! HA! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”


    Criminals come in all colors and also are apolitical. Their common thread is lack of empathy for others! What people fail to see is that the Martin "kid" was already a practicing thug run out of Miami and Zimmerman was another "minority" so just where do the democrats fit into this little diatribe? Truth is that this guy and the rest of the thugs of all colors come from a culture of permissiveness and the failure of parents to be allowed to punish bad behavior either because of the laws or plain failure to be anything more than a welfare parent for profit. Darwin was absolutely correct weather your religon approves of evolution or runs away from it!

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