Lakewood may make it a crime to wave toy gun in threatening manner

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

toygunLAKEWOOD — The city of Lakewood is considering whether to make it a crime to display a toy gun in a threatening manner, the Tacoma News Tribune reported.

The newspaper noted that the proposed change came after a judge dismissed the case of a woman who had been charged with a weapons violation for allegedly waving a toy gun in front of her roommates.

The News Tribune said council members had been scheduled to approve the new law Monday night but sent it to committee for further study.

The proposed law would have made it illegal to carry or display a firearm or “any other item that appears to be capable” of causing harm in a manner that intimidates others or cause them to fear for their safety.

To read the entire News Tribune story, click here.

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    A woman waves a TOY gun and her girlfriends feel 'threatened' enough to obviously 'report' the incident to the police?? And now a new law has to be passed to 'correct' the situation. And yet women think they can be on the front lines in a wartime situation??? Mark my words, some 5 year old playing cops & robbers is going to get arrested because of this silly new law.

    • John Fuller

      You are correct. Adults should know better which leaves 5 year old kids to enter the criminal justice system at a tender young age. First they made it illegal to spank kids, then they pumped them full of drugs and diagnosed them with ADHD and ADD which is the result of lack of discipline (spanking) and now they want to throw them in jail… When that fails will they start putting them in the electric chair? Lets hope so since kids are more trouble than they are worth if we rely on the government to dictate how to raise them up.

      • Xuven

        Remember John …teachers think that they have the ability to diagnose ADD and should be able to prescribe drugs… After all they know better than a doctor what is safe and healthy for the kids.

  • Xuven

    So simplify carrying a gun in a holster can be illegal, because someone may feal threatened. The ones that are afraid of their owne shadow and every thing else. Of all the news stories I have seen on Lakewood it is appears to me that the city council is made up of dictators that want to control every single aspect of citizens lives.

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