Last chance to speak out on state’s proposed pot rules

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

EVERETT — A large crowd gathered at Everett’s Comcast Arena, not for a game or a concert, but to talk about pot, the business of legal marijuana. 

pot“I’m very curious about all the new rules and new laws and the opportunities available,” said David Gilbert, who turned out for a public hearing on Washington’s proposed pot rules.

The Liquor Control Board took its show on the road to hear what public has to say about how it will govern the growing and selling of legal marijuana in our state.

The proposed rules include requiring strict security systems at all pot businesses, child-proof packaging, and a controversial  background check that includes fingerprinting anyone looking to get a license.

“I don’t think anybody really wants to be fingerprinted, but these rules are developing,” said Sean Green, who is currently in the medical marijuana business but looking to expand into the new world of retail.

“I’m just excited to be part of the progress, making history as we speak,” said Green.

The Liquor Control Board will hold public hearings on the proposed rules around the state over the next two days, and then vote and likely enact those rules next week.

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  • John Fuller

    The state Liquor Control Board… what a freaking joke! Why would growers and sellers want to be governed by a system that is only interest in taxing the working class out of business like they taxed Boeing Headquarters out of Washington and into Chicago. People have been growing and selling this product for decades just fine regardless of absolutely ridiculous laws that criminalized marijuana use. Tax everything imaginable to finance the reckless spending of the Washington State Legislature. A black market is necessary for refusal of abuse by the Government Elite.

  • Lonster

    Stop the BS, just add marijuana to the existing alcohol laws.

    Easy peasy ….

    Also, as a public service.. couldn't the author of this article, at least, publish where the hearings are being held.