Woman pleads guilty to killing her 2-year-old son

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

walkerTACOMA — A woman who called 911 last year and confessed to killing her 2-year-old child formally pleaded guilty to second-degree murder Wednesday.

Aleesha Walker, 28, will be sentenced in Pierce County Superior Court on Sept. 6.

On March 30, 2012, Walker called 911 about 7 a.m. and told the operator she had just “murdered her child,” court documents stated.

She told the operator she struck the child’s head on a dresser and made a comment about smothering him. She also said that she was reacting to voices she was hearing.

When officers arrived on the scene, they saw the toddler, naked on the floor with dried blood spots on his face.

“God know what I did,” Walker allegedly told officers at the scene. “I’m bad for doing what I did, I did it to my baby. He’s gone.”

Officers noticed that Walker had dried blood on her hands and knees. A downstairs neighbor also told police that he awoke to the sound of a thud on the floor about 6 a.m. on March 30.

The child was transported to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital and was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

A Pierce County medical examiner said the autopsy showed that the boy had suffered head injuries, but that they were not fatal and the likely cause of death was smothering.

An investigation showed that there had been a number of referrals to Child Protective Services in regard to Walker and her son.

Sherry Hill with CPS said that the last time the agency had contact with Walker was in June 2011 for suspicion of drug use, poor hygiene and domestic violence with the boy’s father. Hill said the allegations were unfounded.



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  • jabailo

    Aren't we getting to the point where a woman shouldn't be allowed to have a child unless she's passed some sort of set of tests and shown that she has the financial wherewithal to do so? I mean it's harder to become a licensed driver than be allowed to be a parent.

    • Patricia

      But you have the freaks that think abortion should be legal because they're too lazy to 'keep em' closed'. No abortion? Just have the kid then kill it. Society has gone to hell. Can't expect most people to have a single brain cell now days.

  • tina

    Hell it happens in Sandpoint Idaho all the time but Sandpoint is s frame up town hell they think people have the right to still cattle and horses and all livestock and do nothing about it a friend about lost her life on her own property buy some guys trust passing and the sheriff looked the other way and laughed

  • angie

    Give her the same treatment she gave her little boy!! we are to good to people who kill children!! our world is so violent against children. so sad, they should of never let her keep the baby months ago and taken it away, since she never wanted him really.

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  • Vic

    Poor child I can’t believe anyone could do such things to each other! Why can’t we all live in peace? We had exit wait until God returns. That baby is in heaven peaceful with God.

  • robyn

    the poor lil baby boy, i feel so bad. i wish him a spot in heaven where its nothing but loving hugs and kisses. And the media!! they show a pic of her looking happy and in a good state of mind. show the one with her mug shot. one where they are arresting her. i cant believe they put her smiling face up here. make her out to be who she is a fu#$ing monster. the voices in her head—its the damn drugs she was on. I hope she gets what is coming to her.

  • Jules

    Worst part is her FB page she states she was tired of everyone thinking the worst of her….. well guess what we all think now you disgrace of a woman and mother.

  • Ella C

    hope the boys is happy and loved with kisses from angels and god! and i really hope karma comes back three fold once an unhappy with no life to live inamte at pierce gets a hold of her and renders the same on her. She does not deserve to breathe our air. Poor poor cutie pie baby :( This women does deserve the worst karma..i really hope it happens soon.

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