Stephen Noel: Cops say reckless felon will do anything to stay on the run

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noelWANTED IN KENT — Police said this reckless felon, who has been convicted eight times, will do anything to stay on the run — and doesn’t care what happens to anyone who gets in his way.

Detectives said Stephen Noel, who was in a stolen car at the time, got away in a high-speed chase with speeds up to 80 miles per hour — and that’s just the latest criminal move for Noel. At the time, he was breaking probation for threatening to kill someone when Kent police spotted him in that ripped-off ride.

“This guy needs to be taken off the streets. He’s a very well known criminal in our area, he has no care for people in the community, he’ll do whatever it takes to get away. We want to put the pressure on him to get him caught,” detective Melanie Frazier of the Kent Police Department said.

Stephen Noel is 39-years-old and is a known gang member who detectives think could be couch-surfing at houses around Kent and Auburn — the last time he was spotted was in the Lea Hill area.

If you can help Kent police get this dangerous felon caught, call Crime Stoppers at 800-222-TIPS.

You can also text a tip here.

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