Suspect in rape of 80-year-old woman arrested

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE – Police arrested a suspect tied to the rape and robbery of an 80-year-old woman Wednesday in the International District.

Police said the unidentified man watched the elderly woman walk up to her apartment building in the 200 block of 6th Avenue South when he pulled a knife. He then punched her to the floor, forcibly held her down and raped and assaulted her before taking off.

The suspect’s identity has not yet been released. But hopefully, the arrest calms some of the fear rippling through the International District following the horrendous incident.

“I think it`s crazy. To me it doesn’t seem like an unsafe neighborhood. I walk here all times of night and the biggest scare for me is raccoons,” neighbor Haregu Kidane said.


It happened in the International Terrace Apartments at 202 6th Ave. S.

“Yeah definitely probably walking with people and the time and things and just being really aware of surroundings,” Kidane said.

The woman was taken to the hospital but is expected to be OK.

As for the suspect police believe he is responsible for Wednesday’s attack as well as a strong arm robbery at the same building last Friday.

“Here he is five days later and obviously escalated what he had done on Friday again all the more reason for our concern.  We want him in custody as soon as possible,” Seattle police spokesman Jeff Kappel said.

The woman couldn’t really give police a good description of the man so we don’t know his race, but he’s about six feet tall, weighs about 165 pounds with dark hair. He was last seen wearing a light colored tank top with black pants and a large necklace and a black backpack.

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  • what ever

    Sounds like these women need to get them self's a nice pocket pistol and some gun classes , can stop a rapist from raping you if all you have is "keeping your eyes open" lol get a gun and when he tries to rape you kill him, the world is a better place without this man and i dont want part of my paycheck going to his 3 hots and a cot.

  • joe

    This is why Travon Martin was shot, nobody can trust these people, not even the Hispanic Zimmerman, these crimes are typical even thought the libtards running the media for generations have lied about the true numbers and nature of their crimes. But Zimmermanb and the rest of us know the truth.

    The need for guns is growing because the libatards have enabled this by way of social engineering brain washing lies.

    This is why these people are hated.

    • John Fuller

      Was Trayvon Martin committing a violent crime when he was shot? The story that I read stated that he was heading home from a store (after buying Skittles & Arizona Ice Tea) and got caught in a rain storm. Did Trayvon Martin have the right to defend himself after being chased down by a grown man. The 9-11 tape clearly states that George Zimmerman said that Trayvon Martin was running away. The dispatcher asked "are you following him" and "we don't need you to do that." So tell me how Trayvon Martin was in the commission of a crime if he was running away from the scene and had not committed a crime.

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