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Can’t find Hawks tickets? Maybe this will help

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centurylink seahawks

Photo courtesy of CenturyLink

SEATTLE — The moment — and it was a fleeting one — to buy single-game Seahawks tickets online or through Ticketmaster has passed.

The team confirmed that the 62,000 available single-game tickets were sold Monday within hours of the tickets going on sale online, leaving many fans with a 12th Man flag in a lurch.

But don’t curse your fandom just yet, 12th man. Fans who missed out still have a few resources available. Before we list them, remember that buying tickets online or through person-to-person sales outlets can be risky, and should be done with care.

And if you only buy tickets through an official source, a limited amount of preseason tickets for the games against Oakland and Denver are still available.

NFL Ticket Exchange — If you are looking to buy or sell tickets to sold-out games don’t forget to checkout NFL Ticket Exchange at NFL.com powered. The ticket exchange is the only Seahawks-approved place for fans to resell their tickets. Good prices can be found, but the cost of tickets usually goes up as game day approaches. And if you want to bring a group of friends to a game, be aware that it also can be hard to find large group ticket sections for sale.

StubHub!Stubhub! has long been a stalwart — and pricey — website in the ticket buying game. Tickets seem to be available for all games, but costs can soar through the roof. For example, tickets for the 49ers game start at $238.50. There are 3,500 tickets are available, but it does make group seating another long shot.

PrimeSport — A website much like Stubhub!. Great for packages including travel and transportation, but spendy.

Craigslist — We all have the friend who swears by the online classified service for event tickets, ranging from Pearl Jam at The Gorge to easy-to-find Mariners against the Astros. Sure, Craigslist can be good in a pinch, but sellers are often unreliable and hard to wrangle. Finding tickets far in advance can be difficult, too. A good option if you’ve had success in the past, scary if you’re new.

Gameday Scalping — As far as we can tell through our Internet research, buying tickets from a scalper is legal in the city of Seattle, just not on CenturyLink Field grounds. Of course, it’s impossible to verify the authenticity of the tickets, and price gouging is rampant. But there’s just something about buying a ticket off the street that adds a little flair to the game. Talking the guy down an extra $10 on an otherwise extremely overpriced ticket makes that $10 hot dog taste a little sweeter. This option is best for die-hard  fans who are late to the party, but buyer beware.

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