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Seahawks fans should embrace the hype, forget about failure

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SEATTLE — We start by putting our spotlight on a hype machine that gains even more steam in four days with the start of Seahawks training camp.

The Seahawks bandwagon is more full than it’s ever been heading into a season.  The expectations, never higher than now.

To the 12th man, let’s embrace that hype and not worry about being let down.

As a Seattle sports fan, I’ll admit that my first instinct is to be cautiously optimistic. That we’re so used to disappointment – whether it’s the NBA or NHL not coming this fall, or the Mariners, or even the Seahawks super bowl loss seven years ago – that many of us will spend most of our time this year walking on eggshells, hoping nothing goes wrong. By nature, we devote too much energy worried about injuries, or the team not living up to expectations.

I fall victim to that approach all the time. And I realize in this case, it’s time to stop.

It’s time we forget the self-fulfilling prophecies of failure and seize the expectations of success.

After all, that’s what players do. They’ll tell you if they worry about not getting hurt, that’s usually when they do. The best athletes in the world aren’t conditioned to envision worst-case scenarios; their full focus is to achieve success and live up to the highest of expectations. And while I accept we’re no longer the underdogs, I’ll enjoy the added attention from all over the league knowing the chip is still on our shoulder.

Sure, there are question marks with this year’s team. The pass rush, the depth at tight end, even the youth.

But for once, I’m approaching this year with no self-loathing. No fear of failure and enjoying the anticipation of going all the way.

There’s no doubt as fans, we’re as ready as ever. I love seeing that nine training camp sessions are sold out before they even start. I loved seeing a sold out Cheney Stadium to watch the ‘Hawks play softball, which was almost unheard of when former Seahawk Bobby Engram, held a similar event just a year removed from a super bowl run.

From this point forward, when it comes to the Hawks, there’s no pity party. It’s time to enjoy the possibility that it could be the start of the Seahawks golden age in Seattle.

You can berate me for fueling the hype machine, because we often fall victim to it. But I’m not worried about the repercussions.

Come Thursday, I hope you’ll jump aboard; it should be one hell of a ride.

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1 Comment

  • jared

    We could prosper with injuries to key positions because of our depth…but I worry a loss of #3…would send us all to to the depths of depression. Cautiously optimistic Seahawks fan…for life!


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