Captured: Jason Wrenchy, accused Bellevue burglar caught on camera

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jasonwrenchywmwUPDATE:  The burglar was identified as 29 Year Old Jason Wrenchy.  He was booked into the King County Jail.

STORY AIRED JUNE 19, 2013 — A Bellevue family’s home was burglarized while they were at their daughter’s high school graduation ceremony.Chris Pottinger says the house was full of family  “We had a lot of people here, the grandma, grandpa, the aunts, uncles and nephews.”

When they all left to go and see his daughter get her diploma, a thief ransacked their house.  On Pottinger’s surveillance camera, the crook can be heard talking to a lookout saying,  ”Tell me if anybody pulls up.”

Pottinger thinks he got into the house by using a garage door opener left in an unlocked car. His wife, Denise, says her clothes were thrown all over the floor and her heirloom jewelry was stolen.

“Oh, it was terrible, you didn’t even want to come back home because you know somebody had been in here and you just want to go clean and scrub and bleach all over the place, the walls, the ceiling, because you don’t know what he touched,” she said.

What they do have is a very clear photo of the suspect:


Bellevue police officer Seth Tyler said,  “A lot of times, unfortunately, the photos are very grainy and its hard to make out the suspect’s face but in this case we’re very fortunate to have a very good image of the suspect so we’re hoping somebody sees that person and recognizes who they are and gives us a call.”

The Pottinger family has sent the burglar’s photo to all of their neighbors.  One of the precious items stolen from Denise was a bracelet given to her by her husband for her anniversary.

She said, “Of all the people, Chris and I, we give so much to the community, to our work, to our family and friends, and to have somebody come into our house when we’re not home and to do something like this, it’s not right.”

If you know the name of the suspect, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.   All calls are confidential and there is a cash reward for information.

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