Seattle installs bike-lane buffer

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

bike lane

SEATTLE — After getting a push from a guerilla group of bicycle advocates, Seattle’s Transportation Department has decided to install the first bicycle-lane buffer of its kind in the city.

Sunday, city workers finished installing the buffer with about 30 flexible posts on Cherry Street and Seventh Avenue, the Seattle Times reported.

In April, an anonymous group calling itself “Reasonably Polite Seattleites” used temporary adhesive to place flexible plastic dividers between the busy lanes on Cherry Street underneath Interstate 5, the Times reported. InitIally the city removed the posts, but it has now spent about $20,000 to make the group’s wishes a reality.

City leaders are not encouraging other groups to take traffic matters into their own hands, a spokesman for Mayor Mike McGinn said.

Read more from the Times article here.

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  • John Fuller

    Although the City budget is supposed to be in a pinch, they can sure find creative ways of "wasteful spending." Potholes are an epidemic in Seattle but they can afford to build freaking bike lanes? What ever happened to Pot Hole Strangers? Oops! I mean Pot Hole Rangers…

  • George

    wasting money on people who steal from tax payers make the bicycle get a licensed and insurance and tax them I don't rive for free.

  • disillusioned

    I wish the bikers would use them instead of the streets like they still do even when a buffer is present. Make the bikers psy for them as they are using the roadway s too.

  • Guest

    A perfect reason as to why they need to license and tab bicycles! They should be paying for what they are using, and now there is a SIGNIFICANT portion of road maintenance funds getting diverted for bikes. All those 99%-ers should be ponying up "their fair share"

  • BILL K.

    All we read about is posdible gov shut downs and yet they can afford tobwazte $ on more murder happy police and bicycle lanes ? PROTECT PEOPLE WHO ACTIVELY PUT THEMSELVES IN HARMS WAY BUT REFUSE TO HELP THE POOREST AND SICKEST OF OUR CITIZENS ? THE KICCED OUT 90 % OF THE MENTAL HOSPITAL ONTO THE STREETS BUT HAVE $ FOR THIS KINDA JUNK ?

  • BILL K.

    And the racitsts oops I mean republicans will find some way to blame the semi blac president for this even though everyone knows the president us just a puppet on strings for the power elite.

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