Prosecutors want teen charged as adult in attack on 7-year-old girl

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

TACOMA — A 14-year-old Puyallup boy was charged Tuesday with kidnapping, raping and trying to kill a 7-year-old neighbor girl, and now prosecutors want the suspect tried as an adult.

puyallup2It was a shocking case out of Puyallup last week, and the attack was so brutal that prosecutors are taking the unusual step of asking a judge to try him as an adult.

“This crime is so severe that the safety of the community calls out for adult accountability,” said Mark Lindquist, Pierce County prosecutor.

In Juvenile Court Tuesday, the 14-year-old pleaded not guilty to kidnapping, attempted murder, rape, and rape of a child.

“It’s hard to believe he did it because I try to imagine that my best friend would do that and it’s hard,” said Desiree Jiles, 14, who came to court with her mom to show support for the teen.

According to police, the suspect lured the girl he knew from the playground at their Puyallup apartment complex, and attacked her in the woods, sexually assaulting her, and trying to choke her to death to cover up the crime.

Detectives said the boy told them he “had to get rid of her so she wouldn’t tell anyone.”

Lindquist said, “That sounds like attempted murder and it sounds like someone eliminating a sexual assault victim so she couldn’t testify against him.”

It could be weeks before the judge decides whether the boy will be tried as an adult. For now, he is being held without bail.

If the defendant were prosecuted as a juvenile, he would be facing a maximum sentence of six and a half years. If convicted as an adult, he faces up to 30 years in prison.

The girl, who underwent surgery to repair damage to her throat, was still hospitalized Tuesday but upgraded to satisfactory condition. A child assault specialist doctor found clear signs of sexual assault, the prosecutor’s office said.

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  • esco

    Who doesn't want this animal tried as an adult? He shouldn't even qualify for protective custody, just feed him to the inmates.!

  • Kristen

    I’ll be damned if this sick person thinks he will ever walk the streets free again. He knew exactly what he was doing, he knew exaxtly how he wanted to hide what he did. He deserves to rot in hell, thats all hes good for. His mothrr should be ashamed of her son, and I swear, on my whole life, if ANYONE thinks they will touch my child, like that sonof a bitch touched child, I personally will strangle them with my own two hands. He disgusting, and has no point to be anywhere near perople, rot in hell you sick son of a bitch.

  • People make me sick

    30 full years in maximum prison being raped and beaten regularly by grown sick men … that is the only thing this kid deserves.

    I hope the poor little girl can someday heal so that she can play at a park in her neighborhood again. But seriously parents .. this day and age and you still haven't learned??? Where are you? You can't let a 7-year-old out of your site .. let alone play at a park with a 14-year-old boy .. should be ashamed as a parent to allow this to happen to an innocent child.

  • Joe

    He looks like Travon Martin, that's why those people are hated and nobody trusts them except for liberals on TV who cry about Travon but who themselves have body guards.

  • Anonymous

    He committed the most aweful crime to a little innocent girl. He makes me sick !!!! He had already admitted to the prosecutor he did it and what he was trying to accomplish, why is he pleading not guilty? He needs to take his punishment like a man not a child, pretty sure he lost his childhood when he took hers….:( to do this horrific act to a child makes him an adult!!!! He deserves to be tried as an adult!!!!! I believe the good lord was with her while people were looking for her. :) may he continue to wrap his loving arms around her and her family while they are healing!!!!

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