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Bumper to bumper this weekend after SR 520 and portion of I-405 closed

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SEATTLE — Two big road closures causing bigger headaches for drivers this weekend.

I-405 Northbound is closed from Southeast Eighth Street to SR 520.

The 520 is shut down in both directions from Montlake Boulevard to I-405.

The massive closures mean traffic backups on I-5 and I-90.

The Summer Celebration at Mercer Island is one of many attractions in the Seattle area this weekend.

“This is a lower amount of people than usual I would say definitely I’ve been coming here for years and years.

Could it be the stop and go that is keeping people away.

traffic“I think it’s terrible,” said driver Aubrey Thomson.

Both directions of 520 across Lake Washington are closed for an annual inspection as well as to install a fish culvert.  A portion of Northbound 405 is off limits with crews replacing concrete panels.

“There is always going to be construction always something that needs to be fixed,” said driver Ryan Daven.

So a summer day dragged on.  Cars on I-90 often cruising at the same speed as bikers. A Bellevue resident said it took 3 times longer than usual to get to the U district Saturday afternoon.

“We were going to pick up a friend in the U district and it took us an hour and half.”

Some say they feel bad for locals but worst for tourists trying to navigate the maze.

“They are probably going to be in a world of hurt sitting in traffic not knowing the back roads,” said driver Paul Mootruy.

But even those back roads were clogged especially in Bellevue.

With I-405’s partial closure, Bellevue Way was bumper to bumper.

If you are entering Bellevue use Southeast Eighth St to 116th Ave Northeast.

Leaving Bellevue try Northeast Eighth St. to Northbound I-405.

The closures will end Monday at 5 a.m.

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