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For sale and ready to go ‘boom’

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AUBURN, Wash — Ahh, the things that go boom in a July night.

Fireworks go on sale across Washington state Friday. And officials encourage state residents to know their local laws and what kind of fireworks are allowed and those that aren’t.

FireworksEach city has its own laws in place. Fireworks are indeed fun, but fire officials stress safety during this time, and say it’s important to remember the three B’s:

Be prepared, Be safe, Be responsible.

Fireworks can only be legally purchased from licensed retailers, buying fireworks online is illegal.

In 2012, there were 354 firework related injuries reported across Washington state.

Some fireworks that are legal include the following, sparklers, ground spinners, helicopters, re-loadable mortars, parachutes and roman candles. Fireworks that are illegal include, firecrackers, bottle rockets, missiles, rockets and homemade devices.

For more fireworks safety information, click here.

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