One coat covers it: Driver, dog doused with paint after traffic accident

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — A man and his dog suffered minor injuries in a traffic accident on State Route 302 south of Belfair — but they didn’t exactly get away unscathed as both of them were covered in paint after the accident.

painteddogThe driver had a number of paint cans in his SUV that opened on impact when he hit an embankment. And he and his black dog were suddenly gray.

An off-duty firefighter happened by shortly after the accident and assisted in giving the dog a bath and calling for assistance.

driver covered in paint

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  • Jeffers

    He obviously didn't secure the dog or his load so he was being very irresponsible with his pet so I hope they took him away

  • tyler

    Right?!? The story doesn't say anything about the dog not being secured. Who knows maybe he had him in a doggy seatbelt. Look at the guy in the photo he was buckled in and he got covered in paint. Are you going to put him in a shelter also.

      • Joe Camel

        Jeffers, you don't know that. You are inserting your opinion. The story does not indicate the driver was charged with neglect. It could very well be the man doesn't know anyone who could take on that role of care especially in light of the condition of the animals coat. It's bad enough when animals track mud into the home, paint WTF. Animal shelter seems like logical place cause if the dog had been really neglected he would be at the vet hospital. DUH! You over sensitive wanker!
        Practice some logical and stop getting all emotionally wound up before you know the whole story.

  • Joe Camel

    maybe this guy is onto something, what if you could get your pet's coat dyed quickly with canine fur friendly bio degradable organic paint. I'd like to see my dog get a tie dye on of those multi rainbow color.
    Or for hunting a camouflage coat. Or what about a tux style? Or go Dalmatian maybe zebra or leopard for those gals with matching hand bags and skirts.

  • LenMe

    Where does it say the dog is in a shelter? I think that is just an ad. An off duty firefighter happened by and helped bathe the dog is what's throwing me… There just happened to be a hose and water at the scene of the accident?

  • guest

    yes i am confused as well, where in the video or the story say that the dog went to a shelter? there was probably a close neighbor who lived near by wherethe accident took place, and the dog was washed by the firefighter there.

  • Joe Camel

    it appears that Q13 edited the article and remove the sentence that stated the animal was taken to a shelter. Along too with the sentence that stated man was taken to hospital for injuries if I recall correctly. I do know I read the sentence about the shelter.