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Recall vote going 2-to-1 against Mayor Cy Sun in early returns

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SunPACIFIC, Wash. — The recall vote was going 2-to-1 against embattled Mayor Cy Sun in early election returns released Tuesday night.

King County Elections said of the 1,242 ballots counted Tuesday night, there were 836 ‘yes’ votes to recall Sun and 405 ‘no’ votes.

However, that’s just a bit less than half of the registered voters in the city. There were 2,950 registered voters in Pacific as of June 24, King County Elections said.

As ballot-counting proceeds, results will be updated again at 4:30 p.m.Wednesday, Thursday and then on July 3. Final results will be posted at noon July 9.

The Washington state Supreme Court found that Sun violated his oath of office by trying to use the police department as his own personal force and that he jeopardized the city’s insurance coverage.

Sun has also been named in a civil lawsuit over allegations of corruption and incompetence. The city’s former police chief and four officers who were either fired or forced out filed the lawsuit.

Sun was elected mayor on Nov. 8, 2011, as a write-in candidate.


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  • Concerned Citizen

    for those who only hear, but do not live here in Pacific… you have no clue. Long as the P.O.S, harrasing, lier of an old mayer isn't brought back… this is all fine with me. The only thing Cy Sun was guilty of is getting rid of the crap that surrounds this city, but he obviously failed due to too many "RICHARD" supporters and minons. Looks like it's time to start hitting the pavement looking for another city to move that at least has their shit together! Pacific has lost my support all the way aroud. Thank you Cy Sun for trying to get rid of the garbage, it's a shame that "Richard" couldn't just walk away quietly instead of stiring shit in his OWN pot. Since I am a resident I will expect that just like any and all others my opinion does matter and I DO NOT EXPECT to see NOT ONE FACE AT MY DOOR for retaliation of my opinion. This CITY is a JOKE! He did what he was set out to do and that was expose it for what it was, and now will still be. Thanks to those who were bullied into their vote or to afraid to stand against the counsil and Richard.

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