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Sheriff’s sergeant arrested for promoting prostitution at coffee stands

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — Everett police served search warrants at eight Java Juggs and Twin Peaks coffee stands Tuesday and arrested a Snohomish County sheriff’s sergeant, a 30-year veteran of the force, who they allege was tipping off baristas to undercover police operations.

java juggsSgt. Darrell O’Neill, 58, was on duty when he was taken into custody. He is being held for conspiracy to promote prostitution and official misconduct.

The 51-year-old owner of the coffee stands and a 22-year-old manager were also arrested. The owner was arrested for conspiracy to promote prostitution and permitting prostitution; the manager was arrested for prostitution and conspiracy to promote prostitution.

In all, seven women ages 21 to 24 were detained and could face charges for lewd conduct and prostitution.

According to court documents, customers would frequently purchase coffee and said the barista could keep the change for a “show.” The baristas then allegedly exposed themselves, or simulated a sex act, while in the coffee stand. Police allegedly documented baristas sticking bare body parts out of the coffee shop windows. The 22-year-old manager was reportedly caught on video tape performing sex acts for men in the back of her car outside the coffee stand after hours.

Court documents also showed the owner would frequently hire workers with a “dancer’s” history, and many with a “pornographic background.”  She also allegedly rewarded the “dirty” baristas with more work hours and time at the busier coffee stands.

The owner made approximately $1.5 million in income last year, court records show.

O’Neill, the Snohomish County sheriff’s sergeant, is accused of having sex with the owner and a manager inside one of the stands while he was in full uniform and on duty.

In court documents, detectives say they have seen video of O’Neill hugging and kissing the baristas while in uniform and never buying a cup of coffee.  One barista told investigators she would get texts from the owner warning them about undercover investigations, information alleged to have come from O’Neill in exchange for sex.

Everett Deputy Police Chief Dan Templeman said, “Anytime we become aware of a law enforcement officer who breaches the trust of the community, and the trust of those of us that are working in this profession, we’re going to take very swift action and that’s what we’ve done in this case.”

Investigators said O’Neill’s name first surfaced last October when officers in Kent investigated complaints about naughty baristas.  One of those baristas told investigators about the “sheriff” who was helping the stands in Edmonds and Everett keep from getting busted.

Snohomish County sheriff’s spokeswoman Shari Ireton said of O’Neill: “He`s been placed on administrative (leave) and, as soon as the criminal investigation is completed, we will begin an internal investigation. We hope to go through that  process as quickly as possible.”

O’Neill was being booked into the Marysville Jail.

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  • Hefe

    Whats the harm done here? How much did this cost the tax payers? This will not stop this activity,it is the oldest profession around! How many jobs were affected?This is not the real story or the whole story.

    • Joe Camel

      It took those booze O's a while to figure out one of their own betrayed them. My guess he saw it for what it was just another operation to make the public feel good about the service we are paying for.
      When the real girls that are being taken advantage of are offered online in shady places. Easy pickings for the Boss Hog game going after what adults do in their own private business.

      If they had any real public service interest they would bring down the filth that takes advantage of young children from broken homes on the street. I'd like to see them spending our money on this and stop playing the Keystone Cops.

      • Joe Camel

        What next more massage palors? Where it's a business making living of what consenting adults want to do.. Please get your PHAT DOUGHTNUT @$$ on the street and internet and track down the filth that is prostituting children. Stop wasting resources on what consenting adults want to do.


    These coffee stands mostly cater to adults. Maybe a sign is needed: 'You must be at least 18 years old to purchase coffee at this stand. If you are offended by near- nudity, please do not frequent this business.'. Problem solved!! No one will be 'offended' and the police can concentrate on catching REAL criminals like child molesters, rapists, armed robbers, etc. Some pretty girls in skimpy attire serving coffee does not qualify as a 'crime' in my opinion.

  • Joe

    The Obama era, police corruption like in Chicago and Government corruiption by appointees who take the 5th and get paid wile pretending nobody can control Washington DC. This is our future, becuase the ends justifies the means and the fish rots from the head down.

  • BILL K.

    Pigs are all dirty. Only few who arent end up blasting themselefs. These guys got thrown under the bus by thier own kinf, likely to hide something even dirtier then gettin free coffey from nekid girls half thier age

  • BILL K.

    Three decades in the force imagine all the other dirty shit he been up to that hasnt been made public. They want to use our past as citizens against us well lets put his under the microscope and see what else pops up.

  • winston1952

    How we treat the women who work in that business is a shame. They have a dangerous life at risk from their customers and the authorities. This is an institution that has been around for thousands of year and will continue.
    Rather than outlaw it why not legalize and regulate it? Give these women (and men) recourse to a real life. You can get a better idea of a sex worker's life by watching a documentary on the business "American Courtesans". This is a film about escorts' lives made by an escort. It is a real life work and tells truths that are not seen in other films. The escorts talk as do their families about everything. Many are in it voluntarily and have families and pay taxes and have the same needs as anyone. It was moving and I learned much. This is not salacious but hard hitting. It has been shown in many film festivals including the Women’s International Film Festival and The ECU and won awards. You can learn more by going to its IMDB page or the website

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