Mariners to set MLB history by flying gay Pride flag for game Sunday

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — During the Mariners game Sunday against the Chicago Cubs, Safeco Field will fly the rainbow Pride flag, said Adam McRoberts, spokesman for Seattle Out & Proud.

It will make Major League Baseball history as the first MLB team to publicly fly the Pride flag at a game.

The Mariners game coincides with the 39th annual Seattle Pride Parade, which is celebrating “Equality: Passed, Present & Future.”

“We’re thrilled to have so much community support in Seattle and greatly appreciate the leadership from the Mariners in promoting equality and acceptance in professional sports,” said McRoberts.

“We’re part of this community. Our fans are a reflection of our community. We thought this was an appropriate gesture on a day that is very meaningful to the LGBT community,” said Rebecca Hale, Mariners director of public information.

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  • Bootlegger59

    I do NOT support it at all. You have your right to believe what you will, and so do I. I do NOT support gay 'marriage' and will absolutely never support it. I will fight against it however and whenever I can.

    • Dude.

      Why? How does it affect you in anyway shape or form? Why does making it legal to for one person to love another person and have their love be recognized on a federal level impact your life in anyway shape or form? You need to get over your own insecurities and realize opposing love between two people is complete nonsense.

      • Bootlegger59

        Oh please…not that old refrain again. It really is very simple…….It's Immoral, and I have absolutely NO 'insecurities' at all, for it has to be in your little life, most certainly not mine….I KNOW what I believe, and homosexuality is NOT it!! MARRIAGE, is between a MAN & a WOMAN…………..Period!!
        I will not change my stance on that, I stand firm in that belief. Now, go fret over that!


    Hopefully you will also promote the abolition of heterosexual divorce. That is FAR more of a threat to 'traditional' marriage than gay marriage will ever be. Think of all the millions of children left fatherless or motherless by divorce. My guess it that you, or else people you love and care about, are touched by divorce. Yet you consider two people of the same sex getting married as the bigger 'threat'. Also, if you are basing your views on the Bible, you might take a second look at what it says about Divorce. With all the BIG problems in the world, it wouldn't seem that the Mariners flying the Pride Flag is the biggest issue we need to be worrying about.

    • Bootlegger59

      Don't care……I stated what I believe, so don't even try to tell me anything different. And…………..that's the way it is. I stand firm against it.

    • Bootlegger59

      As a matter of fact, I do promote abolition of heterosexual divorce, but sometimes, I guess it's just unavoidable, and that is the way it is…….but it doesn't make it good or right. homosexuality is wrong, and immoral, and THAT is something that I totally believe in. Worry? No, I don't need to worry about it, I just do not, and will not…….support it, but if it comes to be, then so be it, I just will not support nor accept it.

    • Bootlegger59

      Just because one is wrong, doesn't mean that you have to accept ALL wrongs!! I stand by what I said, so let's just get rid of ALL those 'threats', and no, I need NOT take a second look at the Bible, I've already been through it a few times already, and tho I don't know it verbatim, I do know enough to know what is wrong and what isn't. Sorry, Pal. It IS a big issue, for it makes children have to suffer even more……….I mean………"TWO DADS"???? No, it is an issue that outweighs a lot of others, and is STILL wrong, in spite of those other wrongs.

  • Travis

    The Mariners have never flown a "Straight Pride flag" . Why are we forced to accept this and then told if we dont get on board we are the ones who have a problem.

    • Bootlegger59

      Nope, tis THEY, who have the problem, and tis THEY, who will have to live with it. I don't have to, for they just cannot force me to believe the way they do, and that…………………….is one natural FACT!

  • Todd

    Each and every day I lose more and more respect for the Mariners. This is such a disgusting, and disrespectful show of what ever.

    • GodIsLove

      The Mariners don't care about getting your respect. "Your respect" doesn't mean as much as you think it does. It's pretty meaningless to me.

  • guest

    That is NOT the place for gay rights statement. I will NEVER attend another mariners game! Just my straight rights statement to my children.


    When a lamb wanders away from the herd and stands all alone crying for his mama…. Does the ewe take the whole herd with her to go get her baby?

    No she doesn’t… so why is the gay community trying to get support from everyone when not everyone wants to?? I don’t understand why the Mariners are supporting this when they should be in the middle of the fence because not everyone is a supporter of the gays….

    This is becoming a big problem and you will never get my support… I won’t even buy anything that says Mariners… or Seahawks for that matter…

    • Emily

      Thank you for the most non-sensical comparison you could possibly come up with in this situation. You're right, this is a big problem, a HUGE problem really, in that people like you seem to think there is some merit and value in controlling something that has absolutely nothing to do with you in any way, shape or form. I'm sure the Mariner franchise will survive without your patronage, and will be a better team and a much better representation of the Seattle population that actually supports civil rights and personal freedom.

    • Bootlegger59

      Well, people are politically correct, therefore they want others to think highly of them, sort of peer pressure, if you will. They are afraid of what others think of them, so they stand up and make asses of themselves and defend the wrong, so they won't look 'bad' for not supporting someone else's agenda. I am proud for my defense against gay 'marriage'!! I believe it wrong, even if someone else doesn't. And, THAT, is the way it is.

  • Lebowski

    Do you all hear what you're saying? This is the same attitude people took when the MLB started allowing minorities to play baseball. Jackie Robinson took a stand in an MLB park. Get with the times. There's nothing wrong with the Mariners showing their support. It's a great day.

    • Bootlegger59

      No, I STILL value the old fashioned values…..ONE MAN, ONE WOMAN…for REAL MARRIAGES! I could care less about jackie robinson, I mean, he didn't care for me, and if he had a problem, then that's the way life is. It is one SAD day, and I rue that it ever happened. And, yes, I not only hear what I'm saying……..I totally believe it, and if you don't, then tis YOU, who has the problem, for it's certainly not me….I KNOW what I believe, and I do not have to 'change' with other peoples values. Mine have served me well for far too many years, and I will not change simply because some yo-yo tells me to or think's that I should or have to. Yes, they show their support for something, that to me…….is morally unacceptable! I stand firm in my beliefs, and I make NO apology for them.

  • Captain Obvious

    After reading these comments, I have an idea.

    Do this: Imagine it is 1947. Replace 'gay' with 'negro'. Suddenly, all the comments sound VERY familiar. Imagine how history is going to view these people. Imagine how silly this will sound in 65 years.

    • guest

      this is not about gay players. it's funny how you homosexuals keep trying to compare yourselves to the black community. the blacks are NOT a perversion of nature like the homosexuals are. you demean the blacks by grouping yourselves with them.

      • guest

        Just the fact that you refer to half our population as "the blacks" makes me cringe to no end. But don't worry, maybe someday you'll get your turn in the spotlight when people decide it's time to support civil rights for "the biggots."

    • Bootlegger59

      Personally, I don't care what it sounds like 65 years from now, all I know is how I feel NOW! This is when I live, so just remember well, what people thought 65 years ago, and don't judge me because I believed it, and………………STILL live those old fashioned values. You don't, for your values seem to be much different than mine, and if you want to change with those times, then go ahead on, but don't chide my values because of yours. If you do not accept or respect mine, then I simply cannot accept or respect yours. Simple!

  • Barb

    This is taking things a little to far….I guess us straight people need to get a "straight people" flag for them to fly also.

    • ForReal?

      Straight people aren't discriminated against, been beat up, forced to hide who they are or received death threats for their sexual orientation.

      • Barb

        I could care less who/what/when/where you are but I do not consider them "special". I'm also special and should also be recognized. .I still say it's BS but then it's the Mariners and they are BS as well so it really doesn't matter.

          • Barb

            That's not what I said…I'm just as special as you are! Gay or straight, doesn't matter…I should be treated as equally as you and we should not make a big deal of what sexual orientation you are. I DON"T CARE and I"M SURE OTHERS DON"T AS WELL. As far as the bullies and other people, can't help ignorance.

  • sutin2say

    So what…this is a business ploy to attract the gay community to Mariners ball game? All that mean is that more people will know how much they stink.

  • M A Korvas

    Lived in Seattle all my life. I will be a Mariner fan when they get an owner who cares about wins and losses. The pride flag….people from around the country laugh at us like crazy. Just another day in the most wack job city in the U S A. The hippies were correct. Never trust anyone over 35. Now look at us.

    • Bootlegger59

      Yep, pretty darned pathetic, isn't it. I detest people striving to force their values on me……I do NOT accept them…………..very simple, it's just that they want us to accept THEIR values, and give up ours. Sorry, I am not about to do that, and THAT, they have to accept, like it or not.

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