Contestants bare it all on ‘Naked and Afraid’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Courtesy Discovery Channel

LOS ANGELES — Sure, Survivorman Les Stroud and adventurist Bear Grylls have survived some extreme conditions in the wild.

But could they do it all without clothes? 

A new reality television show on Discovery Channel attempts to bring “‘survival of the fittest’ to the next level,” by ensuring contestants bare it all. The show, Naked and Afraid, pairs two complete strangers — one woman and one man — in the wild for 21 days. They come into the wild naked, and must survive with only one personal item.

No prize is given to the winner of each week’s episode. Instead, these survival experts can only take away their “pride and sense of accomplishment,” producers with the show said.  

Early reviews of show are positive, saying the viewer quickly forgets about the nakedness of the contestants and focuses on the harsh reality of surviving 21 days in extreme conditions.


Extreme conditions? I’ll say. I don’t even walk around my apartment without socks.

Naked and Afraid airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on the Discovery Channel.  

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  • pete1427

    Good show for voyeurs perhaps, but as a reality show the whole concept stinks.
    I spent over a year and a half north of the Arctic Circle and the extremes of less than
    70 degrees below zero ("extreme conditions") that I witnessed can not be survived
    for 8 hours naked, much less than 21 days. Dessert survival in the nude would
    be difficult, if not impossible too.
    I, for one, will not watch the show as it is based on an unrealistic precept.

  • BearGrillz

    The first episode wasn't that great. In the first episode the male participant was a psychopath. Hes kinda creepy and the things he says just really take you off the whole survival mindset. "Oh I'm gonna fall, wreck my body and they'll send me home"………… Okay?? He kinda ruins everything cause he cries a lot.. a lot.. like an overly dramatic 5 year old. Seriously.. overly dramatizes every action like this one of him killing a snake.

    A few of the scenarios had a really staged feel, not realistic at all. The show has its moments, but is kinda ruined when they talk directly to the cameras, not their handheld cameras, but the crew with cameras.

    The metaphoric sex scene represented by the making of fire in the 2nd episode was disappointing. The guy took forever to rub one out, and then proceeded to get on top of the girl and help her blow. The camera even zooms out for you to see him awkwardly hunched over her in missionary while she was lying back weirdly. Afterwards, the loud gratifying "Oh yeah baby..YEAHHHH!!" was kinda an obvious giveaway..shown here:

    The infected foot in this episode should of meant they didn't make it. Done. Challenge lost. YOU DID NOT MAKE IT. It was done. OVER. But the crew took the guy to a local medic and treated his wounds. And gave him the "option" to go back in. "I'm still in this"… No.. you are not. They stopped the adventure because they guy was gonna die! DIE! IT WAS DONE. But nope.. he was allowed to continue and they "Conquered it"

    The PSR (Primitive Survival Rating) should be looked at with more detail. They should go in depth into how this rating is determined and what actions increased/decreased it. Its very obvious at how the participants barely made it to the pick up points and how they basically failed at most survival tasks, that the PSR should of dropped dramatically. Instead they increased. If anything the scores should not have improved at all.

    Overall, the show does not even come close to other survival shows. The two actual survival things shown, was how sandals were made from bark, and how water is in vines. The only thing that draws you in is the fact that it's a naked man and woman, and you're just waiting to see them bone. If your a fan of Dual Survival, Man vs. Wild, or Naked Castaway .. you're gonna be very disappointed in comparison.

    Yeah, I think the challenges really did "prove to be overbare-ing"

  • Cat

    What are the necklaces the “contestants” all wear? I also agree that if the crew has to intervene, the challenge is over. Duh!

  • Alfonso

    What bunch of morons. I’m sure the producers are laughing all the way to the bank. Can’t believe they are dumb enough to risk like and health to be on television. at least the dumb broad Kardashian is getting paid to be on her back, I’ll never watch the show again.