Butt out in Lynnwood parks

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Lynnwood Parks Smoking Ban

Courtesy City of Lynnwood

LYNNWOOD – Your days of being able to light up, and smoke, in Lynnwood city parks maybe coming to a close.  The Lynnwood City Council could vote on the matter within the next two months, the Herald of Everett reports.  If passed, Lynnwood would become the fifth city in Snohomish County to ban cigarettes and other kinds of tobacco in city parks, the paper reported.

Existing smoking bans are in effect in Lake Stevens, Bothell, Marysville and Sultan.  Mill Creek has a smoking ban at its sports complex and Snohomish County is also considering a smoking ban for two wild areas, the Herald reported.

Lynnwood City Councilman Sid Roberts said that the exact wording of the smoking ban, and its potential consequences, have yet to be finalized.  “It just seems to me that a park ought to be a place that is public,” Roberts told the Herald.  “Our children are looking to adults to know what behavior to model.  I just think that’s a good place for an example,” Roberts said.

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  • kelly

    So what your saying mr. Roberts is that because I smoke in a public park away from people I am not a good role model? What about public places where people drink or have cocktails? I have 3 adult children now who don’t smoke who are excellent role models raised by me. The state and goverment take my outrageous taxes off smokes but then tell me I’m a loser cause I smoke? My taxes help pay for the care of that park more then non smokers. Give me my own park then.

  • kelly

    Also mr. Roberts you should be concerning yourself with more pressing issues like violence or crimes in parks. Sex offenders in parks. Helping the homeless families. Feeding the hungry kids. My smoking in a corner of a park isn’t hurting anyone. You don’t like it? Give me back the outrageous taxes I paid to smoke them.

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