‘Living on light,’ woman on 100-day experiment to go without food

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SEATTLE — Is food an addiction? That’s the question one local woman is asking.

naveenaNaveena Shine is on a 100-day quest to avoid eating food. Shine is in the middle of an experiment that she thinks could change the world.

Eight surveillance cameras canvas Shine’s home, inside and out, recording her every move. Shine said the cameras keep her honest about staying away from food.

“I feel great,” Shine said Thursday. “You know what, there’s times where I go through, blah! There’s times where I think, should I stop this now?”

Shine’s pantry is bare and her cupboards are empty.  She’s on a mission to find out if she can survive on only tea and sunlight. Shine believes food is an addiction

“It’s like alcohol, once you start doing something you can’t get off it,” said Shine. “Especially now when they put all the addictions into the food to get you coming back for more, food is so addictive.”

But nutritionists say the practice of self-starvation is dangerous and has been deadly.

A Swiss woman in her fifties died last year after embarking on a reported ‘spiritual journey’ to give up food and water.

Shine now weighs 129 pounds, down 30 pounds since she quit eating. She says she’s not trying to starve or hurt herself.

Her refrigerator does have a ‘life line,’ just in case she feels the experiment has gone too far.

“The other day I bought some miso soup just in case I need to come off very, very quickly,” said Shine. “I wanted to have something here in case. It’s not opened yet.”

Shine said she is getting both encouragement and criticism from around the globe, and that’s what she wants.

She has asked to keep her location a secret so she doesn’t have a bunch of people showing up at her house, looking to see if she’s sneaking food.

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  • edirol

    Correct me if I have this incorrect. Read recently a condensed / simplified phrase . . . . . .
    Humans can survive 5 minutes without air. 5 days without water. 5 weeks without food.

  • mlg4035

    Clearly, this woman knows nothing about the physics of systems(the body is a system after all) or about prana(breath of life/life force). As is typical, she is taking a metaphorical term literally. Not even the greatest Yogis of India, Nepal, or Tibet lived without eating some sort of food! M0r0n!!!

  • Michelle

    I think that this could be quite an insightful experiment! We already know that fasting occasionally can do wonders for the body. Please, Please be careful though! I dont believe that food is an addiction! Food is necessary for our bodies to function properly.

  • Janet

    My personal opinion is that this woman is Batsh*t crazy. Animals eat food, Humans are ANIMALS (weather we like to admit it or not) WE are biological creatures on this planet that have similar bodily functions and needs as many other creatures on this planet. Food is not an addiction, it's a vital source of nutrients and energy. By not eating she is depriving herself of vital nutrients, her organs might not function correctly if she depletes certain nutrients, and that function might not come back for quite some time. We aren't photosynthetic beings, so sunlight will only create vitamin D and warmth and a sunburn. TEA does not provide enough nutrients for our bodies to function properly if solely consumed over a long period of time.

  • PDXSerric

    Stupid. Just plain stupid. Yes, food is an addiction. especially fatty, greasy, salty and high-carb/sugar foods. i.e. junk foods. But the human body NEEDS food to survive. Period. We have not evolved to the point of absorbing energy through photosynthesis or osmosis as far as I know. There is a fine line between eating just the basic essentials and denying your body food energy whatsoever. Her hypothesis and experimentation has absolutely no nutritional or scientific basis and she WILL have to eat.

  • danielle

    Based on June 16th YOUTUBE video, she is stopping her experiment on Wed the 19th. Due to money and the possible loss of her home, she is stopping. But also, she has decided to eat again, because she has discovered how dangerous this experiment in.

  • NormanDee

    This woman is EXTREMELY careless and misinformed about the purpose of food and the vital support to body function. She has probably already permanently damaged her body.Do not see anything positive in this.Sad.

  • facalx

    So, how many days has it been? I think this experiment wouldn't be a complete success. No food for whole three months? Even water couldn't suffice to support her body

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