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Husband accused in murder-for-hire plot

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

TUMWATER — A state employee accused of trying to hire a hit man to kill his estranged wife faced a judge in Thurston County Wednesday.

briancoxCops say 45-year-old Brian Cox of Tumwater, a state Department of Financial Institutions employee,  offered one of his co-workers $10,000 to make is wife “permanently disappear,” but the co-worker flipped and helped police in the investigation.

Cox, and his wife Lisa, have been going through a difficult divorce.  Investigators said Brian asked his co-worker to kill his wife after he took out a $250,000 life insurance policy on her.

Prosecutors said they have probable cause to charge Brian with solicitation to commit murder.
Cox’s wife didn’t go on camera, but her attorney said she’s very shaken.

“She is emotionally trying to recover from the shock of this event,” said Lisa’s attorney, Marcella Hughes. “The situation was hard enough.”

Hughes said that Lisa was awarded a protection order against her husband in late March.

Court documents reveal Brian’s co-worker wore a hidden video camera and microphone that recorded a conversation where he allegedly told his co-worker he would pay him to murder Lisa.

The judge set bail at $800,000 for Brian Cox. In addition, he must surrender all firearms and he’s not allowed to make contact with his former co-workers.

Investigators said Cox was determined to have his wife killed.

“My source gave Mr. Cox plenty of opportunities to come forward and say, ‘I’m not serious,’ or  ‘Yea, I am just joking,’” said detective Jan Kolb with the Tumwater Police Department. “He gave him very, very ample opportunity to do that and he never did.”

Brian Cox’s stepchildren said they were shocked to hear of the news. Some only learned about the alleged scheme on Tuesday.

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  • disappointed

    It would be nice if the whole store was told. Like he had a protection order against her too…SHE has all of his guns…SHE has made more than one WILD accusation against him, and he has NO MONEY. Every side has a story. I don't believe he's capable of doing this. I just don't believe it. It'll all come out. I just wish the news stations and newspapers can tell the whole store instead of picking and choosing what they print.

    • Guest

      the story isn't a recap of their relationship or divorce- its about him trying to have her ,ordered. there's a difference.

    • Hearshurtingforhim

      The news don't ever tell the truth.. they were in court last week for contempt and she lost .. we knew some kinda crap would happen she thinks Brian has been out too get her. He's a good guy . This is not him at all I do know that for a fact !!!

  • Guest

    Her attorney represented my ex-wife – lies and all kinds of trumped up crap with protection orders and hiding / keeping stuff of mine — common denominator there is the wife's attorney. There is NO whole story for a guy in a divorce, there never has been and never will be.