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Stepdad helps rescue 2 teen runaways being pimped online

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

TACOMA — A man searching for his 15-year-old runaway stepdaughter discovered she was being pimped online through an ad on Backpage.com and he and a friend set up a sting that led to her rescue and that of another underage girl at a motel near Tacoma.

Two men accused of selling the two underage runaways for sex were arrested at the same time.

pimp pics

The Motel 6 motel in Fife, Wash., is where police say the two missing 15-year-old girls were being held and prostituted through an ad on Backpage.com.

Police said 25-year-old Samuel Miles-Johnson and 24-year-old Joshua Jones set up the entire thing, but they never counted on one of the girl’s stepfathers finding the ad and coming after them.

“He was surfing Backpage.com, just hoping to find something with her on it,” said Lt. Tom Thompson of the Fife Police Department. “He found an ad with his daughter; it was a sexually explicit, prostitution ad.”

Court documents say the unidentified stepfather had a friend pose as a customer and then make contact through the sex ad. The friend was told to come to the motel in Fife.

Once the friend positively identified the missing teen in a room there, the stepfather called police. Cops then found her and a second runaway teen in the room at the motel.

“These two guys had two 15-year-olds in the room with them that were missing from their parents and they claimed they didn’t know anything that was going on,” said Thompson.

Johnson and Jones were both arraigned in Pierce County Superior Court on Tuesday charged with promoting prostitution of a minor. They pleaded not guilty and bail was set at $500,000 each.

Detectives regularly scour online ads to crack down on underage prostitution. While they appreciate the  stepdad’s motives, one officer said he’d rather have the public leave the detective work to them.

“As a police officer, I don’t condone that. I’m telling him, Hey, it’s dangerous, you have to be careful when you don’t know who you’re dealing with,” Thompson said. “As a father, I understand why he did it and that he wanted to get his daughter back as fast as possible.”

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  • Bryan

    Yeah, leave the detective work to them, really? Because criminals are dangerous you should let your child be pimped out until the cops make the bust? Sickening!

  • Ima S.

    Well if the cops were doing such a great job, I suppose they would have already found the ad and rescued the girls before the dad figured it out.

  • teen girls Dad

    Well I tried to let the cops do their job and they told me 5 days earlyer they would take care of it thanks TPD so I did it my self to bad there was no mobb justice just us dads and our dumb kids

  • Patricia Sisson

    If more dads were responsible like this there would be fewer teenage girls out there thinking nobody cares about them. Good job Dad. You did the right thing. Caring. It's not just for moms anymore.

  • Margo

    Great Job to the Dad and his Friend! It's too bad these two creeps didn't get some street justice! I guess now, we have to put some faith in the court system and hope they get a long time in prison. I pray that the girls can recover from their experience and move on in life and become productive citizens.