There’s no fair wage at Burger King, Taco Bell, picketers say

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 SEATTLE — Workers from a bevy of fast food restaurants around Seattle hit the picket lines Thursday, joining a citywide protest against workers’ lack of living wage and the right to organize.

Fast food workers from Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway and other national fast-food outlets located throughout the city walked out of their job early or took a break from work to protest Thursday.

The workers united under a call to “Strike Poverty — Raise Seattle,” hoping to build a sustainable future for fast food and other low-wage workers, officials said. The movement is part of Good Jobs Seattle, an organization hoping to turn poverty-wage jobs in all industries into viable, decent paying careers.

According to Good Jobs Seattle, the median hourly wage for food service workers is $9.50 an hour, one of the lowest-wage jobs in the city. Fast-food workers also only work an average of 24 hours a week.


Picketers for fast-food restaurants launched their effort late last night at a Ballard Taco Bell. Picketers at a Lake City Burger King walked out en masse Thursday morning, forcing management to close the restaurant.

A major rally was planned for 4:30 p.m. at Denny Park. Other picketing locations included:

  • 6:30 am: Lake City: Burger King, 14340 15th Ave NE, Seattle
  • 9:30 am: University District: Taco del Mar, 1313 NE 42nd St, Seattle
  • 10:30 am: SoDo/Georgetown: Strike lines hit multiple fast-food outlets in the area. Workers will converge at Arby’s at 601 S. Michigan St., Seattle
  • 11:30 am: Capitol Hill: Strike lines expand to multiple fast-food outlets in Capitol Hill, including Chipotle, Subway, and Qdoba. Workers will converge at East Pine Street and Broadway.

For more information on the strikes, click here.

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  • SickOfEntitledPeople

    Give me a break! WA has the highest minimum wage of any states. In this economy, they should be thankful they have jobs at all. If they aren't happy they should find employment elsewhere or go to school and get an education and then get a better job with higher wages.

  • BubbleBut

    Those people in the picture are not representative of what I see when I visit one of the named fast food grease pits. I only see a couple of younger people in the picture that are the typical age of the fast food industry. If at the age of the people in the picture are still in fast food something is wrong. People who work in these fast food places often are not worth any more. They don't pay attention to what they are doing, all they are concerned with is playing. Service in many of these places is horrible and as I mentioned they are grease pits. Orders are often wrong. Look at the doors, counters and tables when/if you go into one. Grease everywhere. No one doing any cleaning just standing around partying if there are no customers.

  • MIchelle

    Aren't happy with your job? Fast food isn't meant to be career! Its meant to be a part time job. Try furthering your education by going to college, trade school, etc. Gain some skills so you can get a better job and I don't know, become a productive member of society?

    • guest

      Who are you to say that someone working in fast food isn't a productive member of society? Before you even think it, I don't work in that line of work, but have in the past.

      • Ricki

        No one thinks fast food is not productive in society silly, what Michelle was saying was,
        "It's not a career job". Which is very true! $9.50 to serve burgers or what ever, that's a great wage for a non career job. So, my advise is the same as Michelle's. Get a education if you want a better job.

      • Redeemed

        maybe she meant MORE productive, who wants to be responsible for providing food that makes us unhealthy and burdens are health industry.

  • justme

    Fast food workers are good people and their services are much appreciated, no doubt about that, but face the reality, they are the bottom of the food chain (pun intended, lol) and if you want to be higher paid in this tough economy, you need to further your education in this competitive job market. And thats besides the fact that Washington already has the highest minimum wage in the entire United States and there is no state income tax! Think about those poor folks down south still making 5 bucks and hour! Sheesh count your blessings :)

  • Jimmy

    Of course the jobs were not meant to be living wage jobs and that's true of many restaurant jobs. We're not a big fans of fast food chain restaurants. The food isn't good for you and they generate lots of litter all over the community. A steady diet of junk food & soda are two of the main causes of diabetes and obesity in America.

  • Nick

    If working at fast food restaurants is a career this country is in dip crap. This is a transitional job, go get your education and get a great job or go into management. I say protest those places by not spending money at those specific joints. Then maybe when people start getting let go because there are no customers they will think twice. What a joke!

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