Bremerton Catholic church pulls parish out of Boy Scouts after vote to accept gay kids

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BREMERTON, Wash. — For the last century, Our Lady Star of the Sea Church has been home to the longest-standing Catholic Boy Scout troop in the state.

fr-lappe“It’s an organization for which over 100 years has done a magnificent job of instilling virtue and honor in young men,” said the Rev. Derek Lappe.

This week, Lappe announced he will pull his parish out of the Boy Scouts of America after the organization’s decision last week to allow gay kids to join.

“I wasn’t willing to participate in labeling a young man who struggles with a same-sex attraction, who is 10-17 years old, as having an orientation of being gay or homosexual,” said Lappe.

Lappe posted a letter to his parish on the church’s website, explaining why he feels children aren’t born gay.  He cites the Catholic Medical Association’s 2000 article “Homosexuality and Hope,” which states boys can become gay if they have mothers who are overly protective, needy and demanding.

He also feels boys can become gay if they have “a lack of rough and tumble play, a dislike of sports, and lack of hand/eye coordination resulting in teasing by peers.”

In a statement from the Boy Scouts, Sharon Moulds from the Chief Seattle Council, said, “When the decision was made to allow gay Scouts we knew there would be some chartering organizations that weren’t happy. We want an opportunity to have a conversation with the priest. Every time we lose a family, we lose funding. Funding is concerning, but what’s more important is losing youth. That’s sad because we have a lot to offer them.”

Moulds said the only other church in Washington to make such a move is Cedar Park Christian Church in Bothell, which said it will disband its troop at the end of the year.

The head of Bremerton’s largest Catholic Church is considering starting his own organization, and calling it the “Scouts of St. George”.  Meanwhile, the group Scouts for Equality has offered to relocate interested scouts from the church to another troop.

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  • justme

    Being gay is wrong. It is a diesease. We must separate ourselves from the diesease stricken people of the gay community.

    • Chris

      you agree with Hitler, who felt the same way about homosexuals, Jews, Negroes and other subhumans. Not to mention Islamic fundamentalists.

    • fedupwithreligion

      You are an idiot. Separate yourself as much as you like. The majority of scouts don't share your silly prejudice, and you have no right to force it on them. They took a vote and made a good decision. Live with it.

  • just-spell

    Being a poor speller is a disease as well…we should isolate these diseased idiots with closed minds like "justme" and put them with the Taliban…they think like him.

  • Chris

    It’s great news that this parish and pastor are getting our if the Boy Scout business. Let someone else lead the pack. It will be a better experience

  • Dawn

    Since The Boys Scouts where founded by a British person who then bought it over to the USA to expand the organization, I think its shameful of the way this church is behaving, God treats everyone as equal so why isn't the church, I was raised christian and because of the way Church's are treating gay's I have stop going to church.

  • CLL

    Glad they did it. If someone is gay thats fine. Why push it on people who do not agree. Thats what the Boy Scouts are doing. Thats what the LEFT is doing. As far as "justme" …. wow …. what an ass! I thought I flushed him this a.m.

  • stella

    Those who are interested in the truth of what Father Lappe said should read what he wrote and not settle for biased selective reporting.

    • Guest

      Thank you for sharing this Stella. The interview bullet points oversimplified the context of the letter and did not do it justice. One may disagree with him, but it should be only after reading the letter and understanding the entire point he was making.

  • Michael

    it seems this priest has more compassion for the pedo-priests than he does for the young men who want to be Scouts.

  • clockman

    Disgusting to report this with disproven assertions about being gay spewed out by this bigoted person from a hugely bigoted and hypocrital organization without having a balanced counterpoint from somebody stating these fallacies. Way to go FOX NEWS, or should I say FAUX NEWS. I guess I should expect this from you, but thought that at least the local stations had some leeway in being a bit more balanced. I was wrong.

  • fedupwithreligion

    This is a straightforward case of a so-called christian group boycotting an organization for not discriminating against a particular kind of child they don't like. Boy scouts are not required to be catholics, or even christians. I read his entire ignorant skreed on the subject, and every one of his so-called facts have been discredited for decades. The scouts are better off without the foremost child raping club in the world, anyway. I'm surprised the catholic church is willing to give up access to all those innocent boys.

  • Marla

    My oldest brother was a boy scout for many years from cub scout to Eagle scout in fact two of my three brothers became Eagle scouts, my youngest brother was a boy scout also. (They are aged 71 ,68 and 62) .My oldest brother is gay- back then people were people, food was food and no one had to be taught to recycle—now people are identified by there sexual orientation rather than the person they are, food is organic which you pay more for as it is healthier and more nutritious or what non-organic no just grown with poisons and genetically engineered, and recycling is taught because there is so much waste. No one uses cloth diapers anymore, darns socks, wears hand me downs etc…

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