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Parish ‘to part ways’ with Boy Scouts after vote to allow gays

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BREMERTON, Wash. — The pastor of a Roman Catholic church in Bremerton has announced that his parish will no longer have any involvement with the Boy Scouts of America in light of the organization’s recent vote to allow gay youths to join.

lappe1The Rev. Derek Lappe, 41, pastor of the Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church, made the announcement on the church’s website (click here) with the headline of “Fr. Lappe’s Response to New Boy Scouts.”

“I do not feel that it is possible for us to live out, and to teach, the authentic truth about human sexuality within the confines of the Boy Scout’s new policy and so I would like to give an explanation as to why it will be necessary for our parish to part ways with the New Boy Scouts,” he wrote.

Lappe goes on to say that there is “nothing scientific or logical” to arguments that there is a genetic origin to homosexuality and that people are born homosexual.

“The New Boy Scouts are basically offering a program of ratifying a label of ‘gay,’ which the young man has placed on himself, and which so many elements of society also are happy go place on him,” he writes, adding that people need to “actually get to the issues that could lead to hope and healing for the boy, rather than imprisoning him in that self-identification for the sake of political correctness.”

Later in his address, Lappe writes, “I am very aware that my objection to the change in the New Boy Scouts is increasingly considered bigoted and backward. I know that there are many good people within the Catholic Church who will disagree with me. I am aware that in many people’s minds ‘homosexual’ identity is the new civil-rights issue and that there has been huge swing in public opinion on this issue over the past few years.

“But I won’t put public opinion ahead of the good of the boys and young men in my parish, and I won’t pretend that polls can trump the truths about sexuality and humanity that are revealed to us, first of all by natural law, and confirmed in Sacred Scripture and the teaching of the Catholic Church.”

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      • justme

        Yes. I will actually enjoy being a narrow minded bigot. If thats what you think. But no matter what you say, your words won't make me change my mind that being gay is WRONG :) and that's not even hiding behind the religous factor. Plain and simple. being gay is WRONG :)

        • guest

          The bible does NOT say being gay is wrong. It says "thou shall not lay with a man like you would lay with a woman."

          Gay men will never lay with a woman, so there is no way they would lay with a man the way they would a man. Lesbians will never lay with a man, so they would never lay with a man the way they would a woman.

          So it looks like the gay & lesbians are safe no matter what the bible says.

          • Vertexpoint

            Oh yes…that is certainly the most plain sense reading of that text. I'm sure that's what they meant. You're a real scholar aren't you? ;)

          • Thetruth

            The bible is the unfallible word of truth from God, the scritpure that you're referring to actually say "Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind. (1 Corinthians 6:9). According to this, homosexuals as well as the other unrigthoeus mentioned is sin and will enter in to heaven. If you believe in heaven, will everyone go? If not wh will go to hell. God almight has given us a standars to live by, and a Savior(Jesus) to save us from hell. if you believe in your cause, keep living the way you want, if your have questions, read the bible.

          • Thetruth

            I meant to say, According to this, homosexuals as well as the other unrigthoeus mentioned is sin and will not enter in to heaven.

          • guest

            The bible was written by MAN, not by God, so how can you say it's the unfallible word of truth from God?

            When man can mess things up, how are you to know that someone somewhere didn't get something wrong when they were writing?

          • guest

            The Bible, was a collection of stories, WRITTEN BY MAN, to try to interpret what the word of GOD is… NO ONE can truly comprehend this, and so the bible is only one man's opinion… and if we don't sin, then jesus died for nothing!!!

          • amanda

            it also say, neither the drunkards nor thieves. Do you honestly think that Jesus would not allow thieves into Heaven? We are all sinners. Sin is sin, no matter what form it is in.

          • Jane

            Hey Truth, You are quoting a TRANSLATION of a TRANSLATION of the Bible. Go read it in the original Ancient Greek and Aramaic. (You can't I realize, you don't possess that much intelligence and education). The word that Paul uses that your translation translates to "effeminate" is malakoi. When Jesus uses that word in MAT 11:8 and Luke 7:25 it means luxurious clothing that RICH people wear. When it appears in Proverbs 7:10, it means clothing that a HARLOT would wear. in Jeremiah 4:10 the word means fancy dress. Malakoi refers to how a person DRESSES and it means that a rich person dressed in their finest clothing – a weak person who DOES NOT WORK. Malakoi comes from the worship of Molech and it generally means morally weak.

            And homosexual is NOT mentioned in the passage you list. No where. The word Paul used in the passage you quote above 1COR 6:9 was arsenokoitai and it was NOT understood to mean "homosexual" in the 1st Century. It was most commonly used for RAPE and more specifically anal rape of a woman. There were about 15 common words used to describe homosexuals males in the 1st Century world and this was not one. So, you are simply UNEDUCATED.

            Learn Ancient Greek and Aramaic before you go making ASSUMPTIONS about what the Bible does and does NOT say about people. 1 Cor 6:9 is a passage against TEMPLE PROSTITUTION, a reader in the First Century would understand this, even a barely literate one. It is unfortunate that a barely literate 21st century computer gay basher isn't as smart as that.

      • Chris

        Exactly! No matter how many times the left want to call anyone who opposes this moral depravity a bigot. This is about morals and this about a deep faith and they are not subject to the whims of popular opinion/flavor of the month causes. These homosexuals could of started their own organization but it is about forcing others to change their ways. Why? Because they make up such a small percentage they could never find enough members. Why can't the children who want to avoid this "wear your sexual preference on your sleeve" business have a place to go? You think if you force people it will suddenly change minds?

    • Nathan

      I love how people who are supposedly religious are such hating, evil things. It's very interesting from a psychological perspective, how people who preach love are in fact, going straight to hell from preaching hate.

    • John Danielson

      I support him! And hope the people not moving past their delusions of magical beings in the sky are finally committed and get the medication they need, so they don't drag down the people they might choose to associate with.

  • mollh

    In reality, all the boy scouts did was to allow local groups to decide whether or not they wish to allow homosexuals in their troops. This church could continue their troops as before if they wished.

    • Tired

      Unfortunately, this is not the case. By removing central backing, they are leaving the individual troops responsible for their decisions. If a pack or troop decides not to allow gays in, they will be at the end of a lawsuit brought by someone trying to make a political statement. No troop or pack has the funds to defend against this. Churches that do not agree with the decisions would be held accountable in the lawsuits as well. Their only real recourse is to do what this one has done and bow out of supporting the Scouts.

      I have no concerns with gays in Scouts as they have been for years, but Scouts has never been about teaching sexuality, this has been up to the parents to do. Now they will be forced to teach it if for no other reason than to ensure tolerance.

    • Janet

      No, you clearly do not understand what the National Organization did. What it did was prohibit the exclusion of young men who openly identify as homosexual. This is applicable to ALL troops nationwide. What the National Organization did not do was amend its charter to allow for sexually impure behavior. Boy scouts, both heterosexual and homosexual, who engage in sexually impure behavior (i.e. engage in ANY sexual activity outside of marriage) are to be immediately expelled from ALL troop activities. This has NEVER been enforced against heterosexual males – only against homosexual scouts, a double standard if ever there was one, and it is the Bout Scouts of America's intent to continue to discriminate in this manner in the future.

      The bigot the article speaks of is actually out of step with the Church's doctrine in light of what the BSA did with regard to national policy. The Roman Catholic Church, under the current Pope is to "engage" homosexual youth to attempt to "reform" them. The BSA policy would have given the Church the perfect opportunity to do just that. This bigot is going to have to answer to his betters in the Church – which has taken a publicly NEUTRAL stance on the BSA's new policy. He spoke out of turn and is likely to find himself in trouble with his higher ups over this decision.

  • GayGirlScout

    A lot of girl scout moms are lesbians. Will he discontinue his support to Girl Scouts of America if they allow lesbian leaders or girlscouts who prefer girls? OH WAIT THEY ALREADY DO!!

    Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates all had male partners and without them our society today would be lost

  • Jimmy

    Someone tell this pastor his church has zero credibility. Apparently the Catholics have been getting away with child molestation for centuries and only recently had to pay millions in penalties for their crimes.

    • Chris

      So your justification is that a few homosexual pedophiles infiltrate the church and they should all just accept homosexuality, even if it is against their doctrine? Whatever! It sounds like the old "Bush did it" so it's okay.

  • joe

    This is all about liberal homosexual men slithering into to organizaion in order to have access to boys and groom their minds to be just like them.

    • Watching Joe

      Apparently, joe, you conflate "homosexual men" with pedophile. First, the BSA didn't allow adults who are open homosexuals into the BSA. Second, statistically, MOST pedophiles are hetrosexuals. Most homosexuals are NOT attracted to age inappropriate partners.

      Hey joe, you ever fantasize about a partner that was "too young" for you? Should we be reporting you to the FBI as a pedo? You seem to be awfully fixated with the perverts. Takes one to know one, as the saying goes. Got some kiddie porn stashed on your 'puter? Bet you do, bet the FBI would love to know where you are joe.

    • Kate

      Good grief, Joe – that is not how it works and you must be very naive to believe that anyone can make anyone else be gay. I knew I liked boys since I was little. No one could have made me like girls in a sexual way (I am female). You seem to be implying that children can't tell what is right or wrong for them. Every gay person I know was always aware, at least from the time the first sexual urges came, that they were different and interested in their own sex. And, as others are saying, being gay is not anything to do with pedophelia.

    • gorgegirl

      Homosexuals are not allowed to be leaders in the Boy Scouts. Only the Boy Scout member can be gay. It is disappointing to me that the church that sat back and allowed priests to rape little boys in their parish have now decided that young boys are not allowed to be scouts in their midst.

  • Anonymous

    Yay Fr Lappe! Way to take a stand! I’m praying for his continued conviction and faith. Jesus called us to love one another enough that we lead them to salvation thru our actions.

    The road to paradise isn’t easy but it’s worth it!

    • Judy

      Conviction? Do you know something that we don't? Does Lappe touch little boys or girls inappropriately? Maybe you should pick a different word when speaking about a Catholic priest? Catholic priests don't have convictions – about anything – they suffer convictions. Catholic priests are, as a group, morally bankrupt.

      As for Salvation, it is a gift to be received simply because it is offered. Not earned like wages for a job. Anyone who has ACTUALLY read and comprehends the ENTIRE Bible knows this. Only those who blindly follow where corrupt priests lead and think not for themselves (God gave you a brain for a reason, didn't He) believe otherwise

  • Believer

    Jesus called us to only throw stones if we are without sin. Jesus also said to love everyone as we ourselves are loved by our heavenly father. This action by this priest does NOT follow Jesus' teaching. Hate the sin, love the sinner at a minimum. We are all God's children.

      • guest

        LOL – so do Christians that do not follow the food laws laid out in Lev or the fact that DIVORCE is only allowable when it comes to adultery (by the WIFE). Funny how you cherry picking Christians like your Divorce

  • guest

    yea, too bad the experts in psychology has ruled out mental disorder & can you explain what is "unnatural" about two people being in love?

  • richellelj

    Confused. Where does it say that merely being homosexual is a sin? The church can condemn homosexual acts without condemning the people that identify themselves as such – just as priests can identify themselves as heterosexual, but it doesn't mean they're sleeping with women. This guy is an idiot.

  • Tim

    Thanks for coming out, Rev. Derek Lappe. I look forward to reading the story about you exchanging explicit sexual emails with a handsome young man very soon!

  • Tim

    Assuming what you say is true: does the Church discriminate against others with 'Mental Disorder' or 'mixed up genes?'. Are they going to issue a press release tomorrow that they can no longer partner charities that help kids with down syndrome?

    The church has every right to do this, I just think it's foolish.

  • Shay

    Well if the church people did not preach so much, "hate" there would be so many more people in the seats! Keep preaching the, "hate" as see fewer people in the seats. Simple. Hate use to sell, now it is just bad for business. I read the bible. 13 passages condemn homosexual acts, more then forty condemn premarital sex….who loses in this battle? Preach the, "hate", not the Bible and see who wins!

  • justme

    As my drill sergent use to say… "if you are gay, you are WRONG!" That was many years ago… still holds true though :) These are the facts. They can not be disputed.

    • Jane

      And if your drill sarg said that today they would court martial him. Even the Armed Services have gotten with the 21st Century.

      As for what is and is not a "fact" and what can and cannot be disputed. You do realize that it was a "fact" "many years ago" (as you put it) that the world was flat and sun revolved around the earth. Even Creationists don't dispute that the Earth is round or that the Earth revolves around the Sun.

      So, your "facts" do not seem to be quite so indisputable to normal people with a brain.

      Ladies and gentlemen, it appears that "justme" is brainless and in need of social services. What say you we send the government to look after this fool and half wit.

  • beleiver

    if The Rev. Derek Lappe thinks he can get arroused by a male, then he is the one who is a homosexual. Why else would he be convinced that someone can choose to be attracted to the same sex.

  • Catholic mom

    What would Jesus do? Do you think he would ban anyone from his presence? I'm sure He would accept everyone as is. Shame on Haters who pretend that they follow God.

  • Willow

    I find it sad the number of people who wish to use religion as an excuse to hate others. I'm pretty sure Jesus wouldn't do that.

  • Thom

    We are not talking about grown men, they are children and this is the way they were born.
    They are all gods children and to have a pastor turn his back on them just shows how much hate he has.
    How many gays are in his church? Will he kick them out if he found out?
    For one I am glad I do not belong there.

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