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Man charged with leaving baby in freezer

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Tyler Deutsch, 25, who lives near Roy, was booked into the Pierce County Jail on suspicion of attempted murder for allegedly putting his baby daughter, shown here on April 9, in a freezer Saturday to try to stop her from crying. (Photo: Facebook)

ROY, Wash. — A 25-year-old man suspected of putting his girlfriend’s newborn daughter in a freezer was charged with first-degree assault of a child and other crimes Tuesday in Pierce County Superior Court.

According to the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office, Tyler James Deutsch put his girlfriend’s 6-week-old daughter in a freezer because he grew tired of her crying. The baby was allegedly in the freezer for close to an hour and had a core temperature of 84 degrees when it was taken to the hospital.

The newborn is in serious condition at a Tacoma-area hospital.

Pierce County sheriff’s deputies received a domestic violence call Saturday afternoon from the 7600 block of 320th Street South. Medics were first on the scene and found a baby only wearing a diaper. The baby’s core body temperature was 84 degrees and she suffered blistered skin, a broken arm and leg and a head injury, the prosecutor’s office said.

The mother told police she and Deutsch live together in the Roy trailer. She said she left home Saturday afternoon and returned about an hour later to find Deutsch removing the baby from the freezer. She grabbed the baby and immediatly left the home to call 911.

Deutsch allegedly told detectives he was tired of the baby crying so he put her in the freezer and closed the door and then fell asleep until his girlfriend came home.

Police found a bag of cauliflower and a partial bag of ice in the freezer that registered 10 degrees.

Deutsch was charged with assault, criminal mistreatment and first-degree interfering with domestic violence. He is scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday afternoon in Pierce County Superior Court.

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  • CB

    Im the babies great uncle and I was sickend by the news . He is lucky I live on the other end of the country and was not there when this happened. I hope he will be in jail for a long long time. I hope he crys ever night and his fellow inmates gets tired of hearing him. He makes me SICK.

    • Esco

      He makes us all sick CB.
      He'll get his in there, once his story gets around to the other inmates it'll be a matter of time 'till he gets a taste of the inmate's wrath. I'm sure he'll be looking over his shoulder and sleeping with one eye open for a looong time.
      He's a wanted man in the BigHouse..

  • Cf86

    Omg. I hope the baby’s okay!! I don’t care how annoying baby’s crying can get, how could you ever put a child in a freezer!? Unless maybe your on some hard drugs or just mental :-/

  • noneya

    God Bless the baby, I hope she pulls through o.k. I truly hope someone somewhere beats the living crap
    out of this guy. I bet any money he's on something. But regardless of that I hope he gets his due.The
    a-hole! The mother truly needs to wake up. How old is she?

  • M.R. from Houston

    Hope the baby gets better and has a long and healthy life.

    and to the Author the baby is a SHE not IT, as you wrot in your article, in the second paragraph..

  • Christina

    He broke her arm and leg? Who wouldn’t cry? The baby is a fighter, be strong little one. Glad that the mother actually called the police instead of trying to cover up her boyfriend’s actions. I hope the mother gets some help too. As for this poor excuse for a man, I hope you get yours in prison if you are convicted.

  • sirkissa

    They may not put him in general population "for his own protection." Baby abusers, killers and rapists are usually segregated. Damn it.

  • Jordan

    A horrific story but the timeline is a bit off? If that is her in the picture from April how did this happen on Saturday and she is only a 6 week old newborn?

  • Christina

    What an a hole.
    How did she get broken bones and a head injury? From A hole that’s how! Please momma leave this piece of poop and think of your daughter. Strong willed and strong, she is meant for greatness. Please give her the chance.