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Loose pit bulls enter home, eat family cat

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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LONGVIEW — A 26-year-old man was watching TV at his parents’ home when two pit bulls he’d never seen before came in through an open door and attacked and killed his cat, the Longview Daily News reported.

According to the Daily News, Kelly Anderson kept the glass door on his parents’ back deck  in Longview open in order to enjoy the warm air on May 6. Anderson was reportedly watching TV when two pit bulls came in and jumped on him.

Anderson quickly manged to shoo the dogs away. However, his 11-year-old tabby cat was not so lucky.

The cat made a noise when the dogs began to leave the room and the pit bulls pounced. Anderson beat the dogs away with a curtain rod, but not before they managed to kill his cat.

The dogs caused such a mess at the home, the Daily News reported, that it cost the Anderson family more than $1,000 to have blood removed from the carpets.

The Humane Society was called shortly after the incident and the dogs were returned to their owner about 2 1/2 blocks away. The owner was issued a ticket for $771 dollars and notified that their dogs were declared dangerous, which requires owners to register the dogs for a $250 fee. Owners of dangerous dogs are also required to post “Dangerous Dog” signs around their home.

The owner was reportedly “devastated” by the incident and intended to compensate the Anderson family for their loss.

The Daily News noted that the pit bulls’ home was near a local elementary school.

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    • David

      I REALLY hope you're being sarcastic. because if you're not, you are being very ignorant about this particular incident, the media, and about dogs and animals in general.

      • Brenda

        How is he being ignorant? Look how many animal and people that have been mauled and killed by pit bulls just in the last week alone. They've already killed 13 people this year. He mentioned nothing about dogs or animals, he commented that pit bulls cause serious trouble every week, and they do. The pit bull did a home invasion, killed, and the media reported it.

    • mom23terriers

      If you were to subscribe to GOOGLE ALERTS you would know that these types of dog (they are so interbred with other aggressive dogs to make them bigger, stronger more aggressive than the original 'foundation stock' of Staffordshire/AmStaf 'terriers' that there is no TRUE 'purebred' PitBull out there)
      that thee types of dogs 'cause serious trouble' EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK/MONTH/YEAR. So far this type of dog has KILLED a human every 9.7 days… and at that rate, someone will probably die in about 6 days. Also so far this year, 291 individuals have been attacked requiring hospitalizations which is more than one a day. Last year 41 people died at the mouths of these dogs, 11 were killed by their own pet Pits… 4 of those were rescuers who were killed by Pits they had raised from puppyhood…. so there went the 'it's how they are raised' excuse. Sorry I've not kept a data base on animals… but I assure you that this cat is not the first…. nor will it be the last.

  • David

    THIS IS RIDICULOUS!! This would NOT make the news if it was a black lab, or any other breed of dog. and the bit about it being close to a school?? get real people. The pit bull has been refered to as "the Nani dog until recently and i've seen more kids bitten by a fucking shitz sue or spaniel than any other dog. In the 70's THIS article would be about a German Sheppard or a doberman, in the 90's it would be a Rottweiler. the only reason this made the news is because the the "Pit bull" is the scape goat of the present day.
    i encourage everyone to educate themselves.

    • Brenda

      Media bias, black labs killing the public that no one knows about, nanny dogs, better fear those shitzus and spaniels, get educated…LOL

      Fyi, pit bulls mauled and killed more than germen shephards in the 70s, and also more than rottweilers in the 90s.

      Considering the breed that attacked him, this man is lucky to be alive. Might not have been so had the dog got those kids earlier in the day.

  • justme

    We need to exterinate the pit bull breed for this exact reason. They are no good and serve no purpose other than destruction.

  • snarky

    you people always come out with the same pathetic excuses and comments . try thinking for yourself and you would see what a jackass you sound like .

  • mom23terriers

    David needs to go back to school and learn how to read and find reports of events. It's easy. All you have to do is go to GOOGLE REPORTS and sign up for as many breed reports as you have interest… I take 10 breeds MOST may have 1-2 a week but PitBulls have reports DAILY. They were BRED for the last 200+ years to attack and hold without warning or provocation… that was their job. Pointers POINT, Retrievers RETRIEVE, Hounds TRACK, Working breeds have jobs like Newfoundlands save drowning people, Portugues water dogs help with nets. Shepherds and Collies and Corgi's HERD and PItBulls attack and hold cattle for slaughter… that was their designed job. As slaughterhouse technology improved they should have become extinct but there is an sociopathic element in society that enjoys blood sports and watching pain inflicted on others… even vicariously.,… which is why this type of dog not only exists but is bigger, stronger meaner than the original Staffies.

  • bit pull

    i clicked this article because it said they "ate" the cat…

    but the article only stated they killed the cat.

    so did they eat the cat or not?

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