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Ouch! Gas prices top $4 in Seattle

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

gaspumpSEATTLE– Gas prices crossed the $4 threshold in the Seattle area recently, just ss the summer driving season approaches.

According to AAA, Seattle drivers are paying $4.01 on average for a gallon of regular unleaded. That’s up 23 cents from a week ago.

The Tacoma-area is paying $4.02 on average. The statewide average is $3.95, up 22 cents from last week, well above the national average at $3.58. Washington currently has the 6th highest gas prices in the nation.

Analysts blame the increase in prices on annual maintenance and production problems at West Coast refineries.

Local refineries are dealing with problems, too. The refinery complex in Anacortes, Wash., is reportedly dealing with fluid catalytic problems. A Phillips 66 refinery in Ferndale has problems with its crude unit. Refineries are also switching to a more expensive summer blend which is driving up costs.

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  • JustMe

    I laugh when I pull away from the pumps and it's only 40 dollars or so to fill the tank of my commuter car (that's paid off by the way, no car payment!) and I get 30 mpg's or better and all the big fancy suv's and trucks take well over 100 bucks to fill, only get 15 mpg's and people are shelling out several hundred a month for the car payment that is stretched out over 7 years… lol…

    Well Mr and Mrs. Hummer and Escalade, you might look cooler driving down the road, but since I take all the extra money i save and put it away, let's compare retirement plans and see who's looking better in 10 years! :) Live modest and humble, live within your means, treat yourself every once in a while and it will pay off… just my experience in the matter

  • Sly1

    Go ahead and laugh, shows your intellect and compassion. By the way my three retirement plans are doing pretty good and I'm safer in my lifted F-150 than a little "commuter can." Sorry for you and your family.

  • EnufAlready

    So because I have an SUV (that's paid off by the way) and I live modestly and humbly that it gives the gas companies the right to gouge me – and everyone else?

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