Great Wolf Lodge lifeguard arrested in alleged rape of 14-year-old guest

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND MOUND, Wash. — A lifeguard at the Great Wolf Lodge was arrested Tuesday for allegedly raping a 14-year-old Oregon girl who was staying at the indoor water park with her parents and sister.

salazarThurston County deputies said 19-year-old Alex Salazar befriended the victim at the resort and asked her to hang out with him Monday night.

“Once the lifeguard is done with his shift, he goes home, changes clothes, comes back and picks her up.  They go for a short drive and the assault occurs on the roadside nearby,” Thurston County sheriff’s Lt. Greg Elwin said.

The alleged rape took place at about 12:15 a.m. Tuesday, Elwin said.

The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office says the sexual contact was not consensual and that the victim was injured. After the attack, deputies say, Salazar took the girl back to the Great Wolf Lodge, where she told her parents what happened.

Tuesday afternoon, deputies arrested Salazar at Rochester High School, where he is a senior.  His father showed up in court late Tuesday and said he couldn’t believe his son was facing these charges.

“He’s just like a little boy to me, just the way he does things. He acts like a little boy still, so it’s just terrible,” said Jaime Salazar.

This is not the first time the Great Wolf Lodge has faced scrutiny for one of its employees.  Last year, the resort came under fire for hiring a registered sex offender who had been working there for six months before the company discovered his criminal past.

The spokesperson for the resort says the safety of their guests is their top priority and that they are taking the most recent incident very seriously.

“It’s very concerning this would happen in this type of family environment,” Elwin said. “However we’ve been working very closely with the Great Wolf Lodge. Their administration and security have been cooperative and helpful with us and this appears to be an isolated incident. But we’re concerned this guy could be doing something outside of work as well.”

Investigators say they are working to find out if there could be other victims.

A judge set Salazar’s bail at $20,000.

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  • jenny

    This is a horrible tragedy for the young lady,just cant help wondering where the parents were when she left at midnight??Also cannot believe his bail is only 20,000…Really??

    • Jane Perkins

      I was thinking the same thing, why would the parent let their 14 year daughter be out that late in a place so far from home? I was at Great Wolfe that very weekend and I let my daughter and her friend go on their own in the waterpark but we were there as well and the arcade, but our room was right down the hall and after a half hour I went to go check on them and it definatley was late at night!

  • Cindy

    I can say from being a guest there on more than one occasion, that just because its a family park does not mean you let your kids run around unsupervised. I could not believe the ages of kids running around without their parents. Its horrible that parents think that because its a "family" park that they can just hand the kids a cell phone and let them run all over. We saw kids as young as 6 with a younger sibling in tow, and NO parent anywhere. Its so sad that this happened, but I blame lazy parents, its a family park, that means spend time with your family, not cut them lose and hang in the bar!

  • Anonymous

    Why the hell would parents let their 14 year old CHILD go out with a 19 year old ADULT man at 12 o’clock in the morning or at ANY time of day??! The parents of the girl are just as much to blame as this sick twisted young man.

    • Jessica

      Adult?? No!!! When your putting yourself out their rage is no number!!! It doesn’t matter if she is 14 and he is19!!!

    • Jessica

      How can you call him sick an twisted??? Men everyday Marty and sleep with women have their age and everyone is ok with it!!! Idk this young man but chill the hell out on badgering him!!! None of this if fair…look at every tiny little detail even on her part!!! I bet she has plenty hidden in her closet that her parents don’t know!!!!

  • Jessica

    Me personally I believe you can’t fully blame him!!! I have been sexually abused as a child so I’m looking outside the box!!! That girl new what the intention was when she even left!!! If your parents were so concerned for her safety where were they when she snuck out of the lodge??? Clearly once again on her own!!! Yes she is only 14 but acted as if she was much older!!! You need to put her parents on trial as well!!!! I don’t believe that it’s fair to ruins this guys image just because that girl “ran free” while her parents did god knows what!!! Why aren’t they on trial here???

  • Jessica

    I don’t believe this guy attacked her! I firmly believe when she came back to the lodge and was in trouble she flipped the rolls around!!! Now making it seem she was rapped which is so wrong!!!!!

  • Vince

    I honestly think that this is a money grubbing scandal bcuz why in da world would this 14year old girl be doing going witj an astranged man at midnight into his car huh she must wanted da D……
    Bcuz if yr on vacation or at all u.never leave with a stranger..regardless where ur at wolf lodge or disneyland..just saying.

  • Jessica

    Yes!!! I don’t believe he hurt her!!! I believes she knew everything that was expected to happen!!! They need to release him!!! Stop doing this to him!!!

  • Anonymous

    My family an I have been to this very location several times. One of the things most alarming, is how many children were unattended to. My kids were 17, 14 and 7, the last time we visited the lodge. We never, not once, let them out if our sight. Just because its a kid type environment, doesn’t mean it was a means to free babysitting. Our children are responsibility!! Shame on her parents. And shame on the lifeguard. Consensual or not, he was wrong. All parties involved should receive major consequences.

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