Cleveland kidnapping suspect to plead not guilty

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 Ariel Castro, facing kidnapping and rape charges in connection with the Cleveland case of three women held prisoner for about a decade, will plead not guilty, his lawyers said Wednesday.

The announcement, made on national television, is part of the defense’s opening salvos in what could become a death penalty case.

Castro, 52, has been charged with four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape, but prosecutors have indicated that he will face more charges from a Cuyahoga County grand jury that is dealing with the case.

Among the new charges could be aggravated murder for allegedly beating one of the women to force miscarriages — a charge officials said could bring the death penalty.

ariel castro mug shot

Photo courtesy of Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Dept.

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“The initial portrayal of him is one of a quote ‘monster,’ and that is not the impression that I got,” one of Castro’s two attorneys, Craig Weintraub, said in an interview that aired on Wednesday’s “Today” show.

Added co-counsel Jaye Schlachet: “He is a human being, but what is offensive is that the women and the media want to demonize this man before they know the whole story, and I think it’s unfair and not equitable.”

Prosecutors allege that Castro kidnapped the women, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, and held them prisoner for years in his house on Seymour Avenue in Cleveland.

The women were repeatedly beaten and abused, prosecutors allege. Berry gave birth to a daughter, and Castro is the father, according to DNA test results released last week by the state.

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Castro’s attorneys said they know what happened and that it will come out as the case moves ahead.

“I am aware of how he came in contact with them,” Weintraub told NBC News about the three victims. He did not reveal further details of the defense’s strategy.

One of the issues that lies ahead is the question of the trial, which would pit the three women against Castro. Officials, who have been very careful in what they say so as to give the women time to recuperate, are reluctant to force them to relive their experiences in open court.

However, with the death penalty a possibility, defense attorneys could decide that their main concern is to keep their client off death row and could use the threat of forcing the women to testify as a bargaining chip.

–Michael Muskal, Los Angeles Times

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  • Jeremy Clawson

    Monster or no monster he admitted to some of the things he done. He pleaded guilty in his hearing. Use the women as a bargaining chip. How low can the lawyers go. He is guilty reguardless of how you look at it. He shouldnt get a trial. Even though everyone is entitled to a trial. These women didnt deserve to be treated in the way he treated them. He took away those ladies lives for 10 plus years and you want to use them in a way to where he doesnt get the death penalty that's dumb and appauling. I want to tell the ladies stay strong and dont fold for the bargaining chip. Be the bull with the horns. Everyone in the USA may have there own opinions but I think 80% of the nation will back you three ladies up. May god bless yall and keep yall safe.

    • Sal

      I agree totally with Jeremy. I think the lawyers are disgusting. I know that everyone should have the right to a trial, but he admitted what he did and therefore, there is no need for an expensive trial. Just lock him up for life. Let him see how it feels to be caged. I think death is too good for him.

  • joe

    The inmates will kill him because 80% are only there for drug crimes, some of them will despise him and then shank him for putting chains on people and abusing them.

  • Jenna

    Are you for real, a trial, he does not even deserve that, he deserves worse and give him exactly what he did to those girls, he took their life away for 11 years. The lawyers are unreal for saying not guilty, I would not even want to be a lawyer after this for standing up for this case. This again shows what is wrong with the judicial system in the United States, here we go and then there will be movies and books, sickening!!

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