VIRAL: Student rants at teacher, saying ‘you need to do better’ (graphic language)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DUNCANVILLE, Texas — Video of an 18-year-old sophomore telling his teacher she needs to do more than hand out packets to reach students has gone viral.

Duncanville, Texas high school student Jeff Bliss went on an 84-second rant shortly after being kicked out of his world history class recently. Bliss quickly tells his teacher she isn’t doing much for the young minds, saying she needed to more than “just getting up and handing out packets.”

The school district’s chief communication officer released statement after the YouTube video went viral

“The district is aware of the video and we are currently addressing the situation,” the administrator said. “As a district with a motto of Engaging Hearts and Minds we focus on building positive relationships with students and designing engaging work that is meaningful.”

Bliss said he has not yet been reprimanded for his actions.

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  • GreenMag7

    Unfortunately, 3 of my 5 children have attended Duncanville ISD. It's all good til you hit 7th grade & up, then it goes downhill FAST!

    I'm so glad a video was taken of this! It means SOMEONE will finally have to acknowledge that the all powerful Duncanville ISD is NOT what it claims to be! I've complained for years & haven't gotten anything satisfaction wise from staff or teachers in 3 different schools except for the receptionist as one school & the newest vice principal at the same school (she was the counselor) & a counselor at the high school that wasn't supposed to be helping my sons to begin with (thank God for Mrs McNealy!) Then the two oldest transferred to PACE & the reason for complaining was GONE! Thank you Duncanville for the ONE SCHOOL worth saving of the 7th grade & up range!

    The oldest of the 3 walked into the high school nurses office with a sore ankle, he was sent back to class (limping along the walls) as he 'obviously wasn't hurt enough since he could walk on it – it was actually broken we found out later. He kept asking for help with his classes & never got it & wasn't going to pass & graduate til we got him transferred to PACE high school – THEY helped him there! The ONE GREAT upper school in Duncanville! The counselor he had at the high school wouldn't help at all, she was a horrible joke! When he attended the junior high near our house, his belongings were stolen & the vice principal assigned to him did NOTHING to help – he still has his job all these years later, STILL not doing a darn thing to help!

    The middle of the 3 was being bullied at the junior high school & nothing was done. Same vice principal as his older sibling. He was choked to unconsciousness by a 'bored student' and NOTHING was done to that student! He was hit upside his head with a wheeled backpack after a paper airplane dared to hit a girl in the hair (not her head, her hair) & then she took a tennis racket to his head & ears. Vice principal did NOTHING then either as he dared to call her a name instead of hit her back. He was in debate class & dared to say that 'no pass no play was a GREAT rule' when asked by the teacher to the class as a topic for debate & a student sucker punched him in the back in front of the teacher (he was a failing jock) – NOTHING was done & I complained about the student & the teacher, the teacher never replied to my emails!! He found a gun at school & called me – I told him to set the backpack down & walk away & I called the ONE PERSON at that school at that time that helped & told her where it was & what was in it. At the 9th grade school, he was really depressed & called one day while I was getting chemo & mentioned hurting himself – I called repeatedly & got NO HELP! I called the attached high school & got a hold of the one person that helped his older brother & she ran over there to get him & took care of him til we could get there. This school district is NOT that big that they can't help a student, this particular student was never a jock though….

    • GreenMag7

      My youngest now attends the same junior high school – same inept person is one of the vice principals & he's just as useless as ever. The same can be said about the current principal – they got rid of the one principal that was trying to make changes when the middle one of the 3 was attending there – he dared to take complaints against the vice principal serious & tried to do something about it – then he disappeared.

      She has had a coach put his foot in the middle of her back (& other students as well) & shove her face/chest first into the ground because they were doing push ups wrong. When I complained, at first nothing happened. Then the other vice principal called & had the coach on the line & he says 'that is how I coach' – no apology, just 'that is how I coach'. The vice principal prompted him with 'but you won't do it again, right?' & he echoed her with "and I won't do it again". This child too, walked into the nurses office with a sore ankle (same nurse as the high school, she works at all the schools on different days) & is told 'it can't hurt you too bad, you walked in here' when she asked to call me. So she walked to the office & asked to call home & they sent her back to the nurse. The nurse is upset because she DID call me & we did go get her – it was a VERY BAD sprain & the nurse didn't even apologize to the student! As an elementary student, she complained about being touched inappropriately. They questioned her for 3 hours or more (I was there but not allowed to speak at all) until she changed her story to one that they liked. Her classroom teacher referred to her as a liar for the rest of that week because she changed her story & after she changed her story, those in charge that day sat down across from us & told her to fight back next time if it happened again.

      I got the 2 younger ones cell phones before they were able to earn them themselves because of this district – I'm totally against kids having cell phones til they can earn them as you see them on them in classes & the teachers don't do a darn thing about it. But I caved to protect my kids via phone, camera, & video.

  • Sam Houston

    18 year old sophomore? He should be out in the community working and paying taxes, not being babysat by the state of Texas.

    • Marty

      Sam, you do not know his background or what his particular situation might be. if you bothered to do some research you would have found that "After having dropped out of high school for a year, he realized how important it was for him to get his education. He learned to appreciate what an education would mean for him and he went back". That takes initiative to back to school and work to get his education.

      Apparently Duncanville ISD agrees with him. It is being reported that the teacher has been placed on administrative leave. What prompted his outburst was the fact the teacher refused to get out of her chair and provide him some assistance. She was content with throwing prepared "packets" of photocopied information at her students and having them teach themselves. If this is the fine quality education he had been receiving, it is no wonder he dropped out of high school.

      • Sam Houston

        So, this teacher "throws" packets "at" her students? If she is as bad a teacher as the media has made her out to be, the district that she works for should have known long ago and dealt with it.
        Her expecting students to be able to read and comprehend text as high school students was her downfall.
        You were not present in this classroom and do not truly know that she refused to help anyone. You know nothing of her curriculum, her assessments or her expectations. You are making assumptions based on incomplete information.
        You would prefer that she leads her students by the hand so that when they graduate they will not be able to think for themselves.
        When faced with a problem to solve as adults they will not be given multiple choice answer sheets and allowed to guess.
        These students are being babysat by the state of Texas and now they are running the school district, not the adults.

        • GreenMag7

          You are right, they should have dealt with her LONG ago, but they never take any complaints seriously in this district. They are more worried about 'image' & test scores & football, irregardless of what the district webpage states it's motto or vision is.

          Yes the students SHOULD be able to read & comprehend, but as the student stated, not ALL can learn that way. Some can, some do great at it – others can't. They need the teacher to talk to them & teach them. If she wants to sit on her overly abundant butt behind her desk & just say 'shhhh', she should have been a librarian.

          I was not present in the classroom, but having had 2 students have her & have the same complaints 3 years apart & now it's been 2 years since one of them has had her – it is a pretty accurate statement.

          No one is running this district except those that are behind the football & basketball program or the state testing. The students have been lost in all of this. The alternate high school for non-trouble-making students can only hold so many of the students that do want an education from teachers that actually care. My kids transferred there as soon as they were eligible as they hated the high school's 'if you aren't a jock, you don't matter' attitude.

          They should be taught in a manner that works for them, or at least taught how to do it themselves so they can function in life later. This particular teacher, is all about tossing packets on the desks, or having them handed out, which ever – and not doing anything herself. If you want them all to learn by reading for themselves & teachers NOT teaching, why bother sending them to school? Let them all be homeschooled, at least then they have a teacher with a vested interest in them, other than a pay check

          • Sam Houston

            What did you do when your children complained? NOTHING!!!
            Irregardless isn't a word. Good luck homeschooling.

          • GreenMag7

            Since your OBVIOUSLY know-it-all self was NOT there, you have no way of knowing what we did. BUT I can tell you that the district DID nothing.

            If I were you, I'd be ashamed to admit I was a teacher by profession. Homeschooled students tend to test a higher on college entrance tests like the SAT & even the state tests like the IOWA & SAT for non-college testing.

            With teachers like you out there, it's no wonder the public school students don't do so well. as MOST homeschooled students know that irregardless IS a word – says a lot about your education & your ability to research things. Maybe you had Ms Phung as a teacher?

            In general, the word is used to add emphasis. Granted, it isn't a 'generally accepted word' by many or may even be deemed incorrect and redundant, but it is in the dictionary (including my desktop dictionary from YEARS ago):

            I'd look up more definitions for you, but I figure with your being an educator & all, you can figure out how to do it yourself. Unless of course you think that Texas didn't waste enough money baby sitting you?

            Maybe you should check your facts before posting or commenting on posts? We LIVE here. We deal with this ignorant teacher that only wants a pay check. We have to put up with the ISD doing NOTHING to help. I'm glad this video is out there to give them a black eye – they deserve the negative press! It made them FINALLY acknowledge that there IS a problem. If they had dealt with it back when my kids were still in that school, this particular incident wouldn't have happened.

            With your negative attitude, it strikes me strongly that you are probably Ms. Phung. Hurts to have facts out there, doesn't it?

    • GreenMag7

      If YOU bothered to read the entire article, like you insinuate others should do, you'd see that he had dropped out for a year & went back to school once he realized the error of his ways. God forbid your child makes a stupid mistake & wants to rectify it later… I imagine you wouldn't let him?

  • MathTeacher

    18 year old sophomore? Get a job and see if your boss dances around like a monkey to try and get your lazy butt to do your job. He sounds high. I love how high schoolers know how we're supposed to teach.

    • GreenMag7

      Considering the teacher he's 'schooling' in this video, he DOES know how she is supposed to teach. She SUCKS as a teacher. 2 of my kids had her & complained about her sitting on her abundant arse & not doing anything but saying 'shhhh' if anyone dared to ask a question. Does the school know? Sure they did/do. Nothing was ever done, but hopefully will be done now since one of the smarter kids opted to video tape the incident & DISD now has it's dirty laundry out there for all to see!

      Are all teachers in Duncanville bad? Lord NO! But once they hit the upper grades, finding one that will engage the students & make them WANT to come to class, is hard to find. I realize it's the low pay, lack of respect from the students & the parents, lack of support from the parents, lack of discipline of the students, & a bunch of other crap, BUT Duncanville has a special school for the asshole students about 2 miles south of the actual high school. They can send the jerk off kids there & they know it, but are too lazy to do anything about it in cases like this teacher.

      My sons HATED her class as they weren't learning anything but it's a required class. I just wish someone had listened before Jeff Bliss had to be video taped for the ISD to pay attention. She's not the only teacher that is like this, but teachers like her are the minority overall in our huge district.

  • Christine

    Exactly!! Can't blame just the kids when there are some that truly want to learn. Sad that the paid teachers are doing the very minimal of their job. I understand that they don't get paid much, but they took the job knowing that so don't blame the lack of salary you choose. Also, this video title claims "graphic language", I didn't hear him swear, I only heard "freakin" or "fricken" a couple times. But good for you kid for standing up & demanding your right to expect & receive a quality education! I believe this kid was absolutely within his right to get his thoughts & point across! I hope the school & others make the corrections needed not just for this kid & this school but for others that seem to be "learning" in the same sad manner be provided to them just my opinion!

  • nathan

    This kid is right !
    Alot of teachers are very unprofessional , my girlfriend was in tears after being told she doesn't look big or that she is growing. She is pregnant. These teachers are lazy, and unconsiderate. I mean you can't just talk to the students like your drinking a wine cooler with a few fellow degenerates . Not all people are build like ahorse you fat bitch!

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