Peaceful day of protests turns into violent night

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MayDay6SEATTLE — Seattle police say the May Day march was a complete success and peaceful.  But a rally held later in the evening turned a peaceful day into violence.

At 6 p.m. Wednesday, a group called the Puget Sound Anarchists held a unpermitted march on Capital Hill.  The anarchists called it a anti capitalist, anti state May Day rally.

The march began at Seattle Central Community College and just a short time into march the crowd turned violent.  Demonstrators began shoving and attacking reporters giving live reports. Rocks, pieces of asphalt, glass bottles, fireworks and even a skateboard were thrown at officers.

Eight officers were slightly injured.  A woman driving by the chaos was injured when a protester shattered her car window.

Anarchists also targeted several businesses.  Officers made several arrests and at one point protesters blocked a police van from leaving.

Police used pepper spray to disperse the crowds, which eventually died down around 9 p.m. Wednesday.  Seventeen people were arrested for various offenses including property destruction and assault.

Despite this violence, police said the day was an overall success.

“We reacted according to the plan we had in place. We had the immigration march that we staffed for, we sent for additional staffing up east based on the size and as they took the actions that they took, we adjusted the forces necessary to disperse the crowd, which they ultimately did,” Captain Chris Fowler said.

Police will form a task force to investigate  all the criminal activity and a complete tally of the damage.  Police are asking the public for pictures and videos of the violence.

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  • guest

    They need tp make an extreme example of the punks they catch or there is no reason for others to think about not doing it next year!

  • Esco

    Riot Failed, accomplished nothing.. They'll be back to riot next year after wasting another year of their lives. See you then..

  • ChrisLean

    So they are marching to Anti-Capitalism in their Nikes and using their iPhones to video the scene. What a bunch of bums! Why can't I be around when these anarchists start their crap in the streets. Citizens need to grab these suburban spoiled white kids and give them a spanking. There are more of us then they are of them. We should immediately put our foot down. I would say next year if they try and pull this crap you shut them down and arrest them immediately. They use the right to assemble as a tool so they can spread destruction and terrorize people. Bring some of that hippie anarchist crap down here to Tacoma fellas. We won't even need the police.

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