Saudi student caught up in bombing manhunt cleared

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

revereREVERE, Mass. — A student from Saudi Arabia who was wounded in the explosions at the Boston Marathon finish line on Monday was caught up in the manhunt for the source of the two bombs.

On Monday night, federal agents questioned his roommates and searched his apartment, carrying out bags of evidence.

The man was considered a “person of interest,” but is no longer under suspicion, said a federal law enforcement official who requested anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation.

At the Ocean Shores Towers on the beachfront in the blue-collar town of Revere, near Boston, a manager said the three students who lived in the apartment were among dozens of Saudi students who have been arriving since the Arab Spring, their education financed by the Saudi government.

“They all seem like nice young men who got a break to come to the U.S. and learn English and to have a chance at a better life,” said the manager, who said he was not authorized by his management firm to speak publicly.

One of his roommates answered the apartment door but declined to comment, saying only that he was trying to determine where his friend was.

Joseph Tanfani / Los Angeles Times

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  • Robert

    Anyone think this WASN'T a case of racism by the U.S. government? He was *obviously* held over and had his apartment searched(Probably without a warrant) because he is Arabic.

    • Sal

      He gave the FBI permission to search his apartment just as any other innocent person would have. With consent they don't need a warrant.

      • ZombiePuppy

        No, an Innocent person would not have simply lied down and let the FBI toss their apartment. Some people don't like having their property destroyed by government thugs on a fishing expedition.

        • Trakdog90

          Why would anyone want to impede the investigation? Go ahead, search my place, I know the government would repair any damage after… and I would know I did what little I could to help.

  • Muslim

    As a muslim I would not mind being checked out, if it helps an investigation. It's much better than linking criminal acts with my religion in the media.

    • ZombiePuppy

      By acting like it makes sense to immediately assume that you're a suspect, and then behaving like you should be treated like a suspect, you're actually reinforcing the link between your religion and criminal acts.
      The idea that the police should be able to accuse you of a crime and search you and your property based upon your religion or ethnicity is as un-American as it gets.

  • forlorn

    I approve sending you home where you belong and leaving you up until you mature. As a lifetime runner I'd like you to know it is ignorance like yours that adds pain to suffering. Go home and educate yourself.

  • Jefferson

    Deano,_ and those who accept Islam as Americans or are American veterans who accept Islam?
    Where would you like them to go?

  • keoni

    Deano…wake up and smell the coffee….within the past 25 years, 97% of US bombing and threats in our USA were from Americans themselves.


    i'm a Muslim and cried twice when i see the scene and the child who lost his life for this crime ,i pray for his parents and for him.
    i hope that who done this is not a Muslim,
    it is a nonhuman crime

  • Saudee

    I can't understand why the FBI would have any reason to suspect — in a 911 styled attack — a Saudi national studying here in America… it's obviously a violation of his constitutional rights to even think he'd be connected to such an attack.

    • Thomas L. Knapp

      Yes, because planting two small bombs made with pressure cookers and nails along a marathon route is so very, very much like hijacking four aircraft and flying three of them into skyscrapers.

      On the other hand, no, it wasn't unreasonable to look at all of the people who were in the area at the time, and to look even more closely at someone who was a) close enough to be injured and b) from a country which has in fact served as the launching pad for a number of terrorists.

  • Nikita Samuelle

    The Saudi student was a suspect due to the fact that people in the crowd said he was acting suspiscious before the blast. Was Law Enforcement to ignore this? You have to follow up on all leads. There will be many more people interviewed of all races and nationalitites once they scan photographs and video. And it is true most SUCCESSFULL attacks in the US were conducted by radicalized Americans. Many, many more were thwarted. Radicalize citizens and Permamnet Residents are much more dificult to track than Foreign Terrorist Organizations who often spend years in the planning stage and are being watched every day by analysts. Lone wolves are unpredictable.

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