Governor, lawmakers to announce new DUI bill in Olympia

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

duiOLYMPIA — Gov. Jay Inslee and a bipartisan group of state lawmakers will hold a news conference Tuesday to announce a new bill aimed at creating stiffer penalties for DUI drivers.

The governor’s office said the news conference would be held at 2 p.m.

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  • Dgodecke

    A 3 strike rule would be good. 3rd DUI and it is a felony with a min sentence of 12 months, no early out, and a max of 6 years.

    Since this is not a violent or drug related crime build work camps for the DUI convicts to live in and work out of doing everything from fire fighting to litter pickup on public property. (and build the camps they live in.) This would help to keep the drunks from mixing with hardened criminals and prison gangs so that they don't come back to doworse crimes.


    Impound their vehicle permanently after the SECOND DUI offense, plus take away their driving privileges for 10 years. Why keep giving drunks another slap on the wrist so they can go kill or maim an innocent person?

  • guest

    confiscate their property like they do to drug dealers to help pay for their prosecution and incarceration. The only people who would object to that are drunks!!

  • Guest

    There seems to be a one size fits all mentality to all of these comments that neglects the fact most people arrested for DUI are 1 time offenders. Something that most prosecutors fail to mention is that they convict people all the time for DUI who are below .08, do you feel like that person should lose their ability to drive? Or their car?
    The recent events are tragic, but to put many people into the same bucket who will never offend again is unjust as well. And the next time you have a dinner event and serve someone 2 glasses of wine or beer in one evening they are legally impaired. Something to consider when you or a guest drive home.

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