Seahawks hold off Steelers to win 28-26 in Pittsburgh. Post-game coverage begins after double header

Interview: How to eat healthy and avoid empty calories

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SEATTLE — Nutritionists say not watching your snacking can pack on the pounds.

If you consume an 600 extra calories in snacks a day, and don’t work it off, it can turn into a pound of fat every six days. It takes most people five miles of walking on a treadmill to burn off those calories.

Nutritionist Deborah Enos talked Friday about healthy ways to snack.

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  • guest

    We need "snack food backround checks" so the fat people can't get it. It should work since backround checks will keep guns out of the hands of criminals!

  • Grace

    Love this video because I eat Laughing Cow wedges in place of cheese on my turkey sandwiches, Pop Chips with Hummus and Skinny Pop (that stuff is delicious – takes like movie popcorn!) . . . and I think I'm going to have to look for those little mini bags of 479!

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