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Police interview birth mom of infant found dead in Ocean Shores

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

crime-scene-tape-police-lightsOCEAN SHORES, Wash. — Police have located and interviewed the birth mom of a newborn baby found deceased in a wooded area of Ocean Shores Friday night.

Hoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers said that a citizen’s tip lead police to the mom’s home in Grays Harbor County.

Police are now in the process of obtaining a search warrant to enter a motel room, where the infant was reportedly born.

Myers said that a woman walking her dog in the 200 block of Fisher Avenue NE around 6 p.m. Friday noticed a rag handing from a tree branch in a wooded lot.  The woman moved closer and spotted the body of the newborn baby.  Police and paramedics responded; medics

determined that the infant was dead.

Myers said that the baby appeared to have been recently delivered, and the body was dumped in the woods. Police want to find the mother of the infant because they are worried that she may need medical assistance. The Grays Harbor Coroner will perform an autopsy on the infant’s body.

Ocean Shores Police Department, along with Hoquiam Police and Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Department are investigating the infant’s death.

Police have a tipline for anyone with information about the death at (360) 289-1263.

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  • Lovemybabies

    That is just terrible! If the baby was born alive the mother could have dropped it off at any police station, fire station or hospital no questions asked and a loving family would be able to adopt the babe. There are many many families who can’t afford to adopt internationally but would make wonderful parents.

  • Barbrady

    " Police want to find the mother of the infant because they are worried that she may need medical assistance."


    • Grammatoone

      and with the outrageous taxes we pay here to have a top of the line Police Force we will now be paying for Hoquiam Police and County Sheriff for the investigation.

  • Seahawksarefstupid

    She is not a scared teen come to find out. This woman is 21 years old. With the internet and several other sources, there is no reason why this child should be dead due to a careless act of one woman and her boyfriend.

  • Val

    Postpartum Depression is a very under-studied condition that the medical community simply does not take seriously enough. Even in light of the very same senrio happening over and over again [mother disposes of newborn].

    Postpartum Depression is a mental condition with an organic (physical) cause. The hormones change during pregnancy and with PPD it can be difficult/impossible to make sound decisions.

    It happens in the animal kingdom as well.

    It is a condition that kills not only infants, but new mothers too [they often take their own lives] it destroys families, it unecessarily burdens the justice and penal system, and it is a condition that deserves more study.

    • Grammaofone

      PPD had nothing to do with this obviously. What Boyfriend in Hotel room with Mom overlooked delivery? Did't notice the baby or it subsequent removal to a vacant lot? They threw this baby away .Do not belittle sufferers of PPD by even suggesting that is the case here.

    • Nate

      So you're going to try and give the mom an 'out'? That is ridiculous. PPD doesn't cause you to kill your children; the mother's know what they are doing, they are fully aware of their actions. They are also aware that those actions are wrong. I had PPD, I didn't kill my kid or hurt them in anyway. I handed them to someone else and walked away for a few hours when I knew I was being unstable. This mom knew what she was doing. Saying PPD killed that baby is the biggest cop-out I have ever heard. PPD my ass

  • Val Tj

    Post-Partum Depression is a condition that is simply not taken seriously by the medical cummunity. Even in light of the same scenario occuring over and over again; mother disposes of newborn.

    PPD is a mental condition with an organic [physical] cause. It renders mothers incapable of making sound decisions and unable to bond with her baby.

    It happens in the animal kingdom as well.

    This condition not only kills babies, but mothers as well. They often take their own lives. PPD kills babies, it kills mothers, it destroys families, it unecessarily burdens the justice and penal system,
    and yet there is simply not enough interest within the medical community to do anything meaningful to prevent this sad condition.

    • Nate

      Seriously? You're going to give this mother an 'out' by saying she had PPD? PPD doesn't cause women to kill their newborn infants OR dump the bodies of deceased infants in the woods. Give me a break.

    • loveing parent of 3

      I agree with nate there is no excuse that is ever going to be good enough to toss a baby out like garbage. I had a bit of ppd, I left the hospital, I thought my baby did'nt like me ,granted it was 4 hours after i gave birth and we were still in the hospital, but it took me about 30 minutes before i missed the best thing that ever happend to me and knew that maybe I neededto talk with someone, he is 11 now and still referd to as the best thing that ever happend to me and so are his sister and brother. but never ever would i have thought of injureing my child.. that is a cop out! and frankly bullshit!!!

  • Duke

    How bout we wait until the autopsy is completed. If the child was a still birth it changes things under law. Still no excuse to leave the child in the woods though. But then again, everyone has an opinion until they are the involved parties. Then they wish no one knew and it's no one else's business.

    • Nate

      I think when you throw a baby into the woods like a scrap of garbage, it IS everyone else's business. Too bad someone wouldn't have stepped in before this happened, but there is never an excuse for doing this. Of course we don't know all of the circumstances yet and it's hard to say what drove either the mom or this 'so-called' boyfriend to do this….but no matter the situation, this is wrong

  • Jonney

    No baby should be tossed in the grass. Shame on them both……………………. No matter what the excuse God knows what happened………………..

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