‘Stuck’ documentary examines international adoption process

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SEATTLE — “Stuck” is an award-winning film getting a lot of national attention. The film offers a look inside the international adoption process which can take 896 days and cost about $28,000. The executive producer of the film, Craig Juntenen, joined us in studio this morning to talk about why he made this important documentary.

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  • Gravatar21

    Supporting International adoption is really supporting a multi-billion dollar industry that does not help TRUE orphans, (meaning BOTH parents dead and no relative or family member to assist with caring for the child). The definition of 'orphan' according to the US immigration: "The child of an unwed mother may be considered an orphan". This number has skewed the numbers of TRUE orphans who are actually needing protection. This definition has been used by the adoption industry to justify the Evangelical ORPHAN MOVEMENT which has resulted in misleading Westerners into thinking there is an actual 'Orphan Crisis'. International adoption is nothing short then a market for children, riddled by corruption and disguised as "Child protection". A ferocious campaign that wants to increase Inter-country adoption has stepped out called STUCK. This is a one sided information campaign and is VERY controversial within the adoption community. Did you know that thousands of children are missing in India, Ethiopia, China, and other countries worldwide for adoption purposes? Did you know children are actually coming from REAL families to fill the demand of Americans who think they are solving a crisis with 'forever families' propaganda? Subliminally the campaign is saying the Western family is better then the foreign family, the Western family makes better parents then the foreign family, the Western parents can provide a loving home, foreigners are heathens…..foreigners are incapable of taking care of their children, foreigners can't problem solve and take care of their communities…..this is propaganda at it's finest. In reality they are creating Adoption Trafficking rings and the middle man are wolves dressed in sheeps clothing (driving around in a HUGE CAMPAIGN BUS that could save a village just on gas alone). Did you know the adoption industry (agencies and 'wanting' couples) have created this adoption corruption without even realizing it? It is because of the high costs of thousands of dollars for one child. Believe me, their is no intention of lowering the price of a child. There is red tape for a purpose and that is to protect the original families and for children to not lose their rightful country that they were born into. Mother nature gave children their heritage and original families and a man-made money making business separates families. The reason why agencies are able to get away with this 'humanitarian looking crime' is because they use words such as 'orphan', 'Christian', 'Saving', 'non-profit' and they forever lock up the information saying they are 'protect the identity of the mother' but in reality we are learning it is to 'protect' the agencies and how much money they are making off of single unwed mothers or poor families. It is the best interest for these mothers to have enough support to take care of their children. This industry's propaganda is removing children from their rightful homelands and countries and placed in Christian homes which they say are 'better' homes . Sadly, millions of Christians are misled are truly unaware of the damage that is really being done to the foreign family and their community. Children are their only hope for a better future and children. In the future foreign born adoptees NEVER go back to their Fatherland or Motherland to help their native land because they do not feel a connection to the country but rather a 'dis-connection' and most often disregard or hate. Tactics used by agencies throughout history: First one must SEPARATE MOTHER AND CHILD!
    MOTHER AND CHILD SEPARATED – The younger the child the 'easier'. The most humanitarian act we can do is to support and keep the mother and child TOGETHER! It is said it costs more then $60,000 to adopt from Ethiopia but to really help keep a mother and child together it only costs $15.00 a month.
    How does the industry separate families? Throughout history we see several tactics specifically aimed towards the mothers: Coercion, pressure , guilt tactics, shame, tricked, religious rhetoric such as being an unwed mother (depending on the country depends on the tactic used) or living in poverty and establishing guilt feelings that she is unable to provide because she is poor. The industry likes the fact that the 'birthparents' are out of country and in rural areas of foreign land unable to speak up for themselves.

  • Gravatar21

    Family members (such as grandparents, Uncles or Aunts) taking children from parents to orphanages for temporary placement, without the parents knowledge. Original parents are not relinquishing their children and if they are they are not fully understanding what they are signing, or they just need help with caring for their children. Orphanages in foreign countries (before the Westerners invaded) was seen as child care or temporary placement while the parents could get back on their feet. That all changed when the Westerners came over. It started a system of corruption because money is involved.
    Children stolen from small villages, poor parents, single parents who are struggling and rural places for orphanages from child finders who make a couple hundred dollars (a lot for someone who lives in India, China or Ethiopia).
    Harvesting through missionaries, social workers, agency workers persuading parents to give up children for educations, or not telling the truth that their intention is to move the child across the ocean for International Adoption never to be heard or seen from again. These are tactics used in order to meet the demand. Agency workers get desperate to find children so they can meet the 'demand'.
    Original natural parents are left empty handed with no support and no way to fight back or find their children.
    ORPHANAGES popping up everywhere which are owned by rich Westerners work in partnership with adoption agencies. Hundreds of ‘orphanages’ set up shop in a newly discovered unsuspecting country. Children our stolen in rural villages and brought to the orphanages. Orphanages where children are labeled as ‘orphan’ (aka: paper orphans) and all of their identity is stripped away with no record of their past or history. Paperwork is falsified to prepare child for International Adoption. Foreign Parents have never heard of the word adoption, does not know what adoption means. Parents are told that the children are getting an education and will be back for them or they need to sign papers in order for child to stay in orphanage, not realizing they are signing their rights away. Parents are most likely unable to read or understand what they sign, it is not in their language and there is no representation or proper counseling. Parents are then called ‘birthparents’ designed by the agencies to dehumanize them. They also put down parents by saying in their culture they ‘hate’ little girls, or the parents have AIDS. (Whatever fits the country to justify why Westerners need to adopt). Once they have the child:
    Photos, documentaries and videos are made about the children ‘available’ for adoption and shown on the other side of the world through heart wrenching websites.
    Orphanages make their money by (which the orphanage owners pocket):
    Donations from the agencies (or the agencies own them because they provide the money)
    Orphanages are given allowances from the government
    Orphanages get the most revenue from the tourists who visit
    Orphanages make money from volunteer programs where each volunteer that comes in the orphanage receives funds
    Orphanages make money by the $3 – 5,000+ required donation that foreign adopters are required to pay
    No safeguards against sex predators or making kids work long hours in the orphanages.
    Children being sent to the streets to beg for food
    Kids are being told to perform shows for foreign tourists
    Reports of: Food, supplies, equipment and toys are being withheld from the children in order to appear poor and in need for donations.
    Orphanages owners are withholding food and supplies so the kids look poor, dirty and hungry so more donations come in
    Severe Abuse physical, emotional, abuse to the children by the strangers going in and out of orphanages and by the workers.
    Disabled children are put on the back burner and are not adopted out or children suffering from PSTD or depression from trauma and adoptive parents are not told about it prior to child adoption.
    Volunteer programs set up in orphanages where owners get paid for each volunteer that comes in.

  • Gravatar21

    Use religious names and claim they are Christians as if proving they are honest, good trustworthy agency.
    Label the child an orphan then advertise and market the ‘orphan’ child to desperate infertile couples longing for a child of their own.
    Recruit young and vulnerable mothers and persuade them with ‘open adoption’ despite mothers having no legal rights. Using tactics such as choosing the adopters so they feel obligated and it’s harder for mothers to change their minds.
    Keeping adoptees and mothers and fathers separated.
    Hire mega-churches to help them ‘advertise’ the ‘save an orphan’ or ‘Orphan Sunday’ or putting on million dollar concerts paying millions of dollars to the entertainers, produce music videos websites displaying ‘available children’.
    Pay adoption lobbyists millions of dollars to campaign the need for adoption and continue to lock up records and birth certificates so we may never find the TRUTH. Created the Hague themselves so they can make the rules to ensure business lives on.
    Send out packages on how adoption is needed worldwide, newsletters asking for donations and missionaries are sent out to scout in foreign countries, to prophesy that there is an ‘orphan’ crisis.
    Build ‘centers’ in foreign countries, tell the public that they are for poor mothers and keep the secret that it is for harvesting children for adoption (besides owning the orphanages).
    Created specific adoption language and telling people on their website verbiage that is ‘appropriate’ to use which is now the ‘norm’, such as ‘birthmother’, permanent ‘forever family’ and celebrating ‘gotcha days’.
    Provide traveling ‘homeland tours’ charging huge amounts of money to the adoptees.
    Use ‘happy’ ‘grateful’ and trusting adoptees to be used as their ‘success stories’
    Provide room and board for possible pregnant mothers so they feel ‘obligated’ into giving up their child.
    Take away your human rights and if anyone complains about the system they belittle you by saying:
    “Yours is an isolated case”
    “You could have been a prostitute”
    “You’re an angry adoptee”
    “You should be ‘grateful’
    “You are lucky to be in the US”
    If you are a natural mother they shame you
    “You are too young to raise a child”
    “Your baby deserves a two parent home”
    “Your baby deserves a real family”
    If you are an adopter that has complaints or questions they threaten too take your biological children from you.
    Social Workers are being threatened of losing their jobs if they tell the truth.
    If the adopted child is murdered agencies are overlooked.
    Adopters support the CEOs salaries which they can easily make millions of dollars
    Did you know there is no laws against Child Trafficking for adoption purposes? Did you know thousands of children are missing in every country that International adoption is available? Did you know we can avoid this all? LOL! and you say I don't know anything about adoption? If you feel the need to help then support 'feed the poor' programs or education programs for poor children. Your campaign is causing children to become institutionalized. Did you know in some countries they tie up the babies to the cribs so they develop disabilities and then they can send them overseas as 'disabled' children? Don't fall for STUCK! Don't get STUCK in their propaganda without knowing all the facts!

  • Buck Wheat

    STUCK is a very distasteful propaganda film for the purpose of exploiting the poor. This is social engineering and human trafficking. International adoption breeds corruption and is NOT in the best interest of the child. Must westerners always be such narcissistic jerks? Are we not hated enough that we now become the imperialistic pigs that go after children? Are we so selfish that we are incapable of simply supporting families in need? Are we SO arrogant that although it is common knowledge that we have hundred of thousands of children in our own country that are not well served in our own foster care but with smiling pompous faces we have the audacity to dictate to others? America the universally hated – gee, I wonder why?

  • gooddaytotry

    For EVERY taken child there is a mom who's heart is broken. This kind of money insures that the process of taking or coercing babies away will continue. babies need their mother, the one with their talents and preferences. yet by incouraging people to take babies from over the ocean, there is far less chance of a confrontation. these children then have the language barrior when they are old enough to find their mom on their own. ask adopted children if they wanted to lose their mothers. These are children that have moms that needed help to keep them, not huge fees to agencies to promote the lies that take them away.

  • dwyattgantt

    I am reading incredibly biased and prejudicial statements against international adoption by people who obviously do not have real information or experience on a personal level. It is rather easy for anyone with a computer to rail against what's happening, even if they don't really know. It is another thing to provide a solution.

  • jan

    I think dwyattgantt should go back and re read the posts…….the solution is not to take the children in the first place……..

  • Portland, OR

    Did anyone you see the movie before posting your comments? I think your solutions and comments are not relevant if you haven't seen the movie.

  • JinDenmark

    Please stop selling children who will be STUCK in a family they dont know.
    Please spend dont spend more money on your commercialtour, but use you efford to help families to stay together.
    How large is your paychecks in STUCK?
    You are separating families it not good karma.
    As an adoptee who lives in Denmark, please stop this promotion, you are harming adoptees all the way to Denmark whit spreading your salesspeaks, which are all lies.

  • IMC

    Talk about letting the perfect be the enemy of the good! Most of these critical posts achieve that in spades.
    (1) Supporting families to care for their own is a great idea, but anyone familiar with international aid & development knows such solutions are beset by their own problems with dependency, paternalism, exploitation, graft and corruption, etc. I worked in SE Asia for an international aid program and can attest that "the best laid plans of mice and men " applies in every situation, however well-intentioned, carefully designed, culturally sensitive, etc., be it adoption, local development, child sponsorship, appropriate technologies, supporting indigenous self-help initiatives, or whatever approach is tried.
    (2) Adoption in the US is so bureaucratically formidable that many families who are NOT wealthy find it easier to adopt internationally. I also know of several very liberal, PhD-level, non-religious social workers intimately familiar with the US adoption system who have chosen international adoptions for just this reason.
    (3) The international adoptions I'm personally most familiar with do not operate or work with private orphanages; they work with state-operated orphanages populated by the one-child policy / population control fall-out. There is, effectively, no alternative to international adoption for these children.
    (4) The rate of female infanticide in several other countries is quite high due to cultural biases – a situation not easily rectified by any scheme. Adoption can be a part of the solution in these and other cases for some people some of the time.
    In doing good, as with everything else, caveat emptor. It is often better to find a "good enough" solution than to do nothing for fear of not finding a perfect solution.

  • Bill K

    I think initially I may have agreed with the comments concerning "a good Christian home" as stated above, however, I have been to Haiti and seen the devistation, the filth these people live in on the streets, with little food, water, etc., and I have been to the Orphanage and looked into the eyes of these children waiting for someone to take them and care for them. They do not care if or who may be making money, all they want is a home. It doesn't need to be a Christian home, a big mansion, or even a "middle class" home, just a place where they can go and belong and have shelter and adequate food.

    I saw the movie STUCK and honestly it never entered my thoughts that they should not be traveling in a bus or selling something to make more money. To me that kind of thought pattern sounds typically Western which some of you seem to condemn in your blogs.


    I subscribe to IMC's blog which closed with, "It is often better to find a "good enough" solution than to do nothing for fear of not finding a perfect solution.

  • Hunter

    That was really a great post. I like folks that actually put in the time to produce high quality stuff – it is all a learning curve at the end of the day. Perfectly planned out and put together. Brilliant.

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