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Liquor Board to address ‘pot bars’ already popping up

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

potOLYMPIA — Pot shops around the Northwest haven’t opened, but already Washington state’s Liquor Control Board is addressing bars and taverns allowing pot consumption.

According to the Liquor Control Board, recent media reports have showed at least two establishments in violation of a part of the I-502 law that prohibits public use of marijuana in any establishment, especially one that sells liquor. At least two bars with liquor licenses are allowing patrons to smoke, vaporize or eat pot on their premises, the Liquor Control Board reported.

“It is important that the Board clarify now that consuming marijuana in a state liquor-licensed establishment is not acceptable,” Board Chair Sharon Foster said Wednesday. “Public consumption of marijuana is clearly illegal under Washington’s new law.”

Q13 FOX News reported that two bars, Stonegate Bar and Grill in Tacoma and Frankie’s in Lacey, allowed the consumption of pot through a variety of different means. Stonegate allowed customers to “vaporize” pot, as to not produce smoke, and Frankie’s required all pot smokers to sign up for a membership, making the bar a private club.

Currently, violators of the law are given a class 3 civil infraction equates to a $103 fine to be imposed on a customer. New rules would prohibit bars from allowing marijuana consumption, and would fine businesses breaking the rules.

The board is taking public input on the topic of consumption at liquor licensed locations.

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  • Guest

    The State should enable local watering holes to provide a place for Pot smokers just as it does tobacco smokers. In fact the revenue that could be generated by selling such products to individuals at these Bars has to be huge. It doesn't seem like government wants to follow the wishes of our voters once again! Where is the crime in getting a toke while you enjoy a beer or other beverage. Just remember to voice our opinions to our local government and also remember that most of government still think guns kill people not the person using them?

  • John

    Notice how all the other stations call it cannabis, but Q13 FOX always downplays it by calling POT. Get it right! We the people have spoken so listen up and call it what it is (CANNABIS).


    I guess this just pads the jobs of the useless bureaucrats at the Liquor Control Board. The best bet for marijuana users is to just keep buying it from underground sources. Just eat some edibles and THEN go to a bar. Problem solved!!