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Suspected tagger found hanging 9 stories up on office tower lived in Washington

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SACRAMENTO — A man whose body was found hanging from a downtown Sacramento, Calif. building Monday, nine stories up, appears to be a tagger who was attempting the vandalize the property, authorities say.

The man had used rope to tie himself in a seated position like a rappeller, authorities said. The rope was tied off with a window washing anchor, and fire officials believe that that anchor could have held his weight. But they don’t think he was a window washer.

The Sacramento Bee reported that the man had two pieces of rope looped around his body in a style used by rock climbers. The man was identified as Craig Michael Fugate, 20, who grew up in Concord but was recently living in Vancouver, Wash. According to the Bee, Fugate was recently discharged from the Navy on a disability.

BuildingBattalion Chief Marc Bentovoja told the Bee the Fire Department had no reason to believe the man’s death was a suicide.

“It looks like accidental more than anything else,” Bentovoja said.

According to Fox 40, a door was found propped open on the roof of the building at 12th and K Streets, suggesting the man was planning on going back down the stairs.

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  • Fred Moore

    Well, that's one less idiot for us to bother with. I have a tshirt that reads, "Stupid kills but not near enough". this guy proves the shirt to be dead on.

    • shawnda cline

      We as his family can only pray that someone close to you never ends up choosing to do something out of character.. And have evil people like you judging them without knowing them.

    • shawnda cline

      This young man happens to be my nephew.. Who by the way has fought for our country and came home bearing great stress… This was not in his nature and our family is in great dis belief.. Maybe you should keep your mouths shut if you can’t say anything nice.. You know nothing about this young man…

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