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Owner of Everett bikini barista stands charged

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(Photo: Facebook.com)

EVERETT — The owner of the Grab-N-Go coffee stands has been charged with sexual exploitation of a minor, because one of the females busted at the stands for alleged lewd conduct was 16 years old.

The Everett Herald reported Monday that Snohomish County prosecutors late last week filed the charge against Bill Dwayne Wheeler Jr., 29.

Police in February arrested four baristas in the case, city officials said. They were accused of giving “peep shows” to customers for high tips.  The baristas, in their teens and 20s, all were released while the investigation continues.

According to the Herald, prosecutors contend that Wheeler knew the 16-year-old bariata was flashing customers for tips.

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  • Mike

    Why don't the state agencies investigate him, like L&I, employment security and the feds for non payment of employment taxes??? He doesn't pay them, they work for tips, that is slave labor and is against the law on so many levels.. Also his policy is don't get caught, just bring me the money!!!

  • Sara

    Wow! Mike you are right, it is people like this that not only help drag society further down but drain our coffers by not paying all thier taxes. This story is sad for the 16 year old and sick because of him…I hope more charges follow against him and that the state shuts him down for all his illegal business practices.

  • KF86

    Anyone who is advertising there body is suseptable to this kind of behavior. Just as a great smelling food is placed infront of a hungry person. Its gonna happen. Personally I would never purchase a food or beverage from a place that I would have a chance to get hair in my food or drink. And the less clothing covering a body, the more that chance increases. There should be a health dept. Regulation that has to do with how much clothing should be covering a body. Its sad that these young ladies are having to look for work is such horrible places, and deal with this treatment. They need protected by the law from perverts and from being made to work with high temp. liquids and not clothing to protect them from spills or burns. Sad.

  • Sara

    He claimed in an interview that the police wasted his and our taxpayer money harrassing him, well I want to know what taxes he pays since the girls all work there for tips only, then he gets 1/2 the money from what they get for the "shows". Seems like he is violating a lot of laws, try tax evasion on city, state and federl levels just for the employment taxes alone, also I bet he doesn't claim all his income on his income tax either because I bet the girls were told not to ring up the "show" money so he pays no state revenue tax nor any income tax on that money. They should nail this guy to the wall publicly and make an example. Tax evaders drain the rest of society and all income producing criminals are tax evaders. Don't forget a 16 year old minor was used here also!!! SCUMMBAG!

    Read more: https://q13fox.com/2013/02/21/one-of-everetts-arre
    Read more at https://q13fox.com/2013/02/21/one-of-everetts-arre

  • Mike

    If he gave Kiro news the video of the 16 year old being arrested then he has her doing shows with nudity on video and by law that is CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. WHAT DOES HE DO WITH THE TAPES?? If he has shown them to anyone or sold them then he is trafficing in child pornography…damn another felony. How many felonies does this creep get to commit before they lock him up and throw away the key??? And now they PR the guy with no bail…Why arrest him in the first place?? He doesn't look happy in his court appearance after the night in jail….they should have left him there so he can't mess with the ones that are going to testify against him…He will miss with them and nothing will happen. This guy shouldn't be walking the streets so easily but then again one of those girls daddys might teach him a lesson.

  • sara

    I can not believe this guy….just listened to the Ron & Don Radio show interview. When asked about not paying his employees..he states they are independent owners of a franchise and they pay him a fee monthly. Hello, this is a stab at trying not to pay your taxes. Not quite legal. In the next breath he states he would fire an employee for doing something illegal. Well, you can;t have it both ways..they are either an owner who works for themself or they are an employee. He refers to them as employees so where are the taxes????? and the paychecks. He is scamming the girls that work for him out of paychecks and the state out of taxes. All you have to do is listen to him, he is just trying to cover is a$$. Some one needs to take a deeper look into this crooks practices.

  • JennK

    Where are the 16 year old's parents? Its awful that he exploited her… but I do have to say he wouldn't have had a chance to exploit either of my daughters cause I would have never let them work at a place like that!!

  • gallergrindar

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