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Three fatally shot outside Auburn tavern; family searches for answers

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AUBURN, Wash. — Police are investigating a shooting that left three dead and injured another early Sunday morning in the parking lot of the Sport Page Tavern in Auburn.

According to Auburn police, a physical fight turned deadly just before 2 a.m. when people were exiting the tavern located in the 2800 block Auburn Way North. Police said a fight broke out between two groups and multiple gun shots were fired.

Four people were hit by gunfire and three of those shooting victims died at the scene.The fourth victim was transported to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. He was listed in stable but serious condition Sunday afternoon.

Auburn Triple Murder #2Police identified the victims as Antuan Greer of SeaTac, Nicholas Lindsay of Federal Way and Lorenzo Duncan of Des Moines.

One person of interest has been detained in the case, but police are still looking for more suspects, officials said. Many handguns have been seized.

Families gathered at the Auburn hot-spot Sunday morning to mourn the loss of loved ones.

“Lorenzo was an amazing young man,” said his uncle Vincent Humphrey. “He was hardworking, very responsible and never had any problems whatsoever.”

Desha Timmerman, a sister of one of the victims, said it’s a horrible reality that her brother will not get to experience all life had to offer.

“It was senseless that violence is going on today in this society,” Timmerman said. “Kids can’t go out and have fun and come home and be safe and have disagreements without shooting for no reason. Walk away from fights.”

Auburn police said the nightclub has recently been a problem area.

Anyone with information on the shooting is encouraged to call the Auburn Police Tip Line at (253) 288-7403.

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  • tiffany

    They didn’t do a very good job at looking for suspects after the shooting I live a few blocks away and seen four black males running down the street hiding behind houses and that was only 2 blocks away I did not see any police vehicle searching the neighborhood

  • Steven

    I cannot believe that the bodies of the dead were still in the parking lot covered up with white sheets when I took the 180 bus at 8:00 am this morning to Kent TC. My family members are police officers in other states and they do a better job than I saw this morning. But I must say that if alcohol wasn't involved this horrible lose of life would never have happened.


    that place needs to be shut down for real its hecka bad there now they allow to much stuff inside that place SHUT IT DOWN !!!!!!!!!!

  • Block Watcher

    Some media are reporting, this brawl started over some dumb jealous rivalry between two thug women. Unbelievable! It's hard to believe this is 2013 and we have such stupid people in our community.

  • Nameless

    It is so easy to blame the establishment where the senseless tragedy happened. It is not the tavern’s fault. This was the fault of the people who thought that killing three men was the only way to prove their point in an argument. There was no honor or integrity shown in ending the lives of those three men. Only cowardice and idiocy.
    I sincerely hope the victims’ families can find peace in the wake of such senseless violence. I also hope that those persons responsible are found and punished to the fullest extent of the law.

    • t o double dizzy

      donkey`'s bee effing each other is what white crime would be considered. it sure dont take a particular race to act ignorant because i have seen every race act like an idiot…so whitesliver can hide at his desk and make ignorant comments and feel good bout himself but reality is your time will come and i do hope when it does you are alone and scared and suffer terribly. thanx and have a nice day. :)

  • guest

    I live and work in auburn (THE ARM PIT) so sad os gun control i wonder how many of the guns were registered to legal gun owners, but control the guns that honest people have to protect themselves. I sorry there family’s that are mourning the death of family a member it’s a hard thing to do. No matter the race of shooters death like this is wrong. Until our country as whole renounce violence we will just keep on killing any body we want just like our wonderful wonderful government dose. Look out Korea.

  • Leighanne Diaz

    Prayers go out to the families that lost there loved ones. And for the ones that witnessed this horrible tragedy. My love goes out to all that were affected by this. RIP to the angels that grew there wings so early. And for the ones that cant say anything nice about what happened I pray for you too!!!!! I hope that the suspects are found soon and JUSTICE be served!!!

    • Randy

      Leighanne; I was wandering thru the news items and low and behold, there’s leighanne. Hope that your family is fine. Tell Manual and the children Hi! Any way, good luck and come back to see us.
      I love you guys…….Randy
      It sure makes folks sad to hear about the death of people for no reason, except that they were drinking and mouthing……

  • Emerald Isles

    The likelihood that these were LEGAL and REGISTERED guns and owners is highly unlikely to answer one commentors question here. As a former Auburn resident, I know first hand what has happened to Auburn. When I first moved there it was a quiet and lovely small town. Soon after the open border policy I saw it all fall apart to the point that I simply moved out. But everywhere I moved to, the problems continued. People do not realize the serious extent of violent crime that has come to WA state, and indeed our country in general, along with our open borders here in the southwest. The Black and Mexican gangs now vying with each other over 'territory' which is more often then not, dealing with drug trafficking and other illegal crime, is tearing our communities and children apart. It is time to demand serious answers from this government. Taking away everyone else's right to defend themselves against these criminals is not the answer nor will it change reality. Criminals will simply smuggle guns, oh so easily, over the Mexican border as they do every single day, and continue to kill innocent citizens whose guns our government, and the uninformed public, have decided we don't need to protect ourselves. Our police cars USED to say, 'To protect and Serve.' Today, they only serve….the law. They do not, nor can they protect us. A criminal will kill you in 1 second. A 911 call takes an average of 9-15 mins to see a response. Those odds simply aren't good enough for me…or those that I love. I moved to south Texas to get AWAY from the increasing violence as well as the progressive ideals that the state of Washington now embraces on an ever escalating scale, to the detriment of it's law abiding citizens. Now, sadly, I watch as hundreds of illegals, and many of them terrorists, cross these same borders into our country daily. Our government does nothing to stop this nor do they want to apparently. They have had 60 years to contain our borders and have done absolutely nothing but waste billions of dollars APPEARING to do something while doing absolutely nothing. They even hinder our actual Border Patrol agents from doing their jobs to secure our borders. This is not news to Texans, Californian's and others who border Mexico. What is most alarming however is the cartels, Terrorists and gangs allowed to flow freely into this country while those in Washington and the News Media whom they control, continue to lie to us and use minor issues to continue to divide us and keep of ignorant of what the real issues of today truly are. God bless you Washingtonians that are stuck there and the families and others who are subject daily to the criminal component of society that our politicians are encouraging and breeding. I think I will stay in Texas where the law is still the law and the right to defend oneself is still available and legal to the detriment of the criminals who walk among us.

  • Wayne

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  • Brandie

    You all sound so ridiculously stupid talking about race. Who cares the color no one deserves to get shot. Only one man that got shot was black. He’s actually my friend and a food guy. screw your views.

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