Father accused of shooting son, daughter; 1 dead, other in critical condition

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PUYALLUP — Police arrested a 69-year-old man after he called police and said he had shot two of his adult children, a son and daughter, early Sunday morning.

Puyallup Deputy Police Chief Dave McDonald said the man contacted them shortly before 3:30 a.m. Sunday.

“We get a 911 call from a man who said he just shot his son and daughter,” McDonald said. “The dispatcher kept him on the phone because he was armed and then he was contemplating suicide.”

When officers arrived at the home in the 1500 block of 5th Street SE, they said the man was despondent, but armed with a small caliber handgun that they believe he used to shoot his children.


Police surrounded the home and were able to convince him to surrender.

“We didn’t know what went on, but we didn’t hear any gunshots. We didn’t hear anything. They backed him down the driveway and arrested him in the middle of the road,” neighbor Bo Nye said.

Police said there had been trouble at the family’s home before, but they had never responded to a situation at the residence of this magnitude.

The suspect, his wife, the two children who were shot and two young boys all live at the home.

Police entered the home and found the two victims in separate rooms, one upstairs and one downstairs, McDonald said. The victims each had been shot in the head and police believe they were shot while they were sleeping.

“Obviously, some deep-seated family issues led to this. There’s been a long history of family problems with this family and at this house,” McDonald said. “We’ve been here numerous times with domestic violence disputes involving these parents with the children, grandchildren, adult grandchildren.”

Police said there have been protection orders and possible mental health issues, but that it does not appear alcohol or drugs were involved.

When they searched the home, police also found two boys, 6 and 7 years old — they were uninjured as was the suspect’s wife. They were removed from the home; police said the male victim is the father of the children.

The victims were transported to Tacoma General Hospital. The female victim died shortly after the shooting and the male victim is in critical condition.

The boys were taken into protective custody and are in the care of Child Protective Services.

Police said the children slept through the shootings and the suspect’s wife was also not aware of the shootings.

The suspect has been booked into Pierce County Jail on murder and attempted murder charges. The motive for the shootings is unknown.

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  • Tina

    What in the world are 2 adults in their mid-40s still doing living at home. Seems like their father snapped. They should have moved out and gotten on with their own lives more than 20 years ago. Not knowing all the details, I sympathize with the shooter. Not that what he did was right, but I think he just had it.

    • Joan

      You have NO IDEA what the family situation was. How can you even begin to comment about what was right or wrong. with NO INFORMATION… A$$hat.

    • Matt

      We have no idea why they were there or even who owns the home. How on earth can you project a series of fact on this case that sound like a soap opera plot when all you have to go on is the scant information above?

      You have 'sympathy' for someone who murdered his own daughter as she slept and similarly shot his son in the head?


    • teremist

      Dear Tina……The possibilities are endless………..here is one: Perhaps mom and dad needed help for medical reasons.

    • Chere

      I go to visit my mom and dad once in a while and stay at their house during the visit. But I feel for you, because maybe you were droped on your head as an infant. Just saying.

    • Skatcat236

      Here's a possibility or reason.. Crappy Economy. I know of many adult children the age of these two, who are now living with their parents, because they lost their jobs, homes and so on.

    • JessA

      Perhaps the parents were living with the kids. You just don't know. And at that point you kick them out, you don't just shoot them. I have had it with a lot of people, but I haven't shot any of them.

  • Amy

    Were the adult children disabled in some way? Were they there to help care for a family member? Were they visiting and decided to sleep there??? Answers to these questions might help us further understand what this man was thinking when he shot his adult children… and why did he not shoot the wife and 10 year old that was in the house?

    • anonomous

      the children were 6 and 7 not 10 and the grandpa was trying to protect his
      wife and grandchildren from there father who suffers severe alcoholism and the sister who was sckitso and had a tendency for violent outburst, the family has a long running history of drugs and alcohol abuse, the son was trying to turn his life around but seems to have been failing, i believe the grandma has custody of the two children and thats why they were living with them the father had lost the kids years before and the mother of the kids has been fighting her own demons thats why she's not in the picture, i do not agree with what he did but in his own sick twisted way he thought he was "saving his wife and grandchildren" from a life of hell after he dies

  • boober

    Do you know how common it is right now for adult children go be living with parents? Newsflash, the economy has been in the crapper. Rather than judging why don’t hope that the son that was shot makes a recovery and worry about the children who may loose a father.

  • Brad Freeman

    "Not knowing all the details, I sympathize with the shooter"?

    What the shit? We're talking about murder here. Murdering your own children, whether they're grown up or not.

    Tired of your kids still sponging off at in their mid-40's? Kick them out. You don't KILL them.

    Sympathize with the shooter? Are you insane?

  • old family friend

    the family had a history of domestic violence the son or victim has a drug related problem in the past and was trying to rebuild his life for his youngest kids the parents were helping him get back on his feet i used to know the family well years ago and had lost contact with them over the years; i do not know exactly the current living conditions but i do know the son was trying to start his life over and better himself…..

  • squaw833

    The boys were taken into protective custody and are in the care of Child Protective Services – why weren't they just left with their grandmother- she didn't know anything about the shooting either.

  • kybo61

    I took care of my mother for two years when I was in my forties. I lived with her during that time. You've heard the saying "Street angel, house devil?" That was her. So may it have been with any of these people. She hated my foster kids, she hated my dogs, she hated my only friend. When my friend died I remember thinking, well, you won't have her to complain about any more. I had no opportunity to date or have any social life. It was 24/7/365. No respite except once or twice a year when we could raise almost $4,000 for her care and another $2,000 for me to travel for about 10 days (most of the latter came from my own retirement income). I don't condone anyone shooting anyone else but in these cases there is dementia, mental illness and other issues that untreated and unmonitored can lead to tragedy. As it is, my mother told her Home Health nurses crazy stuff that ended up in me being investigated by Adult Protective Services. It was horrible, they put me through the inquisition like I was abusing her. She acted all innocent the whole time. I came to hate her and everyone else for it. I was of course found innocent but APS assumes you are guilty and seeks to find why you are not. It's reverse justice if you can even call it that. I'm ranting, I'm sorry. Dysfunctional families often find themselves in crazy places with no one to help them. No excuses for this guy, but I'm just sayin'.

  • ElisabethSalander

    Wow. I can't believe all the flack Tina is getting! I have to say, I completely agree with her. That was the first thing I thought. Poor guy has a couple of cellar dwellers and he just had enough. It's bad enough to have your two grown children mooching off you, but when they bring THEIR children back home, too? Enough is enough. I think situations like this have less to do with the economy and more to do with entitlement.

    Of course we don't know all the facts, and I will never condone murder (a simple eviction would have sufficed), but we don't know what this guy was dealing with. I will eat my words if it turns out this man and his wife didn't own this house and moved in with their children, or if the grown children were just "visiting". I'll bet my bottom dollar that these two GROWN PEOPLE were sponging off their parents and Grandpa had enough.

    I do feel for the family members that are left to grieve this loss, but we have to ask ourselves what precipitated this. You're all right, times are tough. Bearing the burden of supporting your grown children and their offspring as well just make them even tougher.

  • TJnpuy

    Please keep from bashing this family. They are good people doing their best to help their kids. No one will ever know why he snapped. But there are living family members who all need the love and support they can get, including the Dad who shot them. Don't you think his heart is broken? Don't you think he put up with all the bs for YEARS AND YEARS from this kids AND grand kids ( the adult ones) because he loved them. Don't you think there is no punishment stronger than living with what he did? I think unless you know them you need to keep your nasty opinions to yourself.
    Yes, it was horrible and wrong, but posting nasty comments won't help anybody, won't make you a better person,and won't help the family. He is a good man who snapped. Nobody knows how much anyone else can take. Please keep the nasty comments to yourself. I, personally will be praying for the WHOLE family.

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