State survey on kids’ attitudes toward pot, thoughts of suicide

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — The state’s recent youth survey shows that more than 100,000 kids in Washington state seriously considered suicide in the past year, and that 8 percent of kids in the 8th to 10 grade actually have attempted suicide.

A new state mandate requires all school districts to have a coordinator to deal with youth suicide issues. Watch the first video above. And for a link to the reports, click here.


In addition, one of the findings of the survey show that kids are developing a more casual attitude toward pot. Watch the last video above.

The state health secretary finds that troubling.

She said while there is good news in the report. Teen smoking is down and so is teen drinking. But there are also fewer and fewer kids who think marijuana use is risky, and the health secretary worries that could lead a lot more of them to try it and even abuse it.

“I think teens think there’s no risk in it and it’s better than going out and doing meth, and coke and stuff,” said Tisha, 14.

The youth survey found the number of teenagers who believe pot use is risky is low, and kids are twice as likely to smoke pot as they are to smoke cigarettes.

“We’re a little disturbed in kids attitudes about marijuana,” said Health Secretary Mary Selecky.

Selecky said because pot is now legal, part of the tax revenue will go towards educating kids about it.

“Some of those dollars will come to the Department of Health for us to target at youth, so that we can help them prevent using pot, and also to reduce it if kids are using it.”

But that campaign can’t start until pot retail stores open up next year.

As for getting their hands on marijuana, teens in the survey said it’s easier than ever.

Gabriel, 15, said, “It’s quite common and I’ve actually had it offered to me multiple times on the street.”

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  • Nuna buisness

    What blows my mind is the state and this survey. This is nothing new. And with the state juvenile justice looking the other way at these kids instead of getting them into treatment programs instead of conditioning teens for adult jail. The state and society have failed our children

  • Nuna buisness

    There's your next story.. What percentage of kids go thru the juvenile system end up in adult jail because of the lack of disciplinary action. Laws are in place that don't do anything due to lack of services or programs. Yet we giving illegals free money when it should be spent on the next generation. And if you think drinking is down, wrong, these surveys only tell you what the kids tell you.

  • WestCoastGrown

    I'm sorry but how is these teenagers knowing the truth a bad thing? How many people have over dosed on weed? How many car accidents have been caused by someone only using marijuana? When I was younger I believed the governments lies and bullshit. It's actually illegal that the federal government won't let the states govern themselves on this issue since the constitution states that the states are allowed to govern themselves on issues not mentioned in the constitution.

  • Mr Holmes

    Been smokin weed since i was 15, got excellent grades. Its been a long time and im still here and have never had any problen with mental health or physical well being, I do however think a childs brain needs to develop before starting to use MJ. The only problem it has caused me is possession of a controlled substance that God or Budda or ahala or mother nature as put on this planet to use that should not be controlled by government or anyone. Just like a carorot or apple or grabes, blackberries, ect,ect

  • Garry

    Shame on you John for posting such lies, time to stop the Refer Madness crap and come down to the real world, we have been lied to. Why don't you do some research instead of just reporting on what your told, by the main stream propaganda.

    Our American troops are protecting poppy fields in Afaganstan, the drugs that are coming into our State. That's is the drug problem not Marijuana!!

  • guest

    Why is this surprising? Children learn by example. What kind of example is the state of Washington setting for our children? If mine weren't already adults I'd have my family on the first train out of this liberal
    hell hole.

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