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VIDEO: Back in the spotlight, Romney has harsh words for Obama

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US-POLITICS-ROMNEY-INTERVIEWWASHINGTON — For Mitt Romney, there will be no next chapter in politics — at least no third run for the presidency. But in his first post-campaign interview, the former Massachusetts governor did not shy away Sunday from his criticism of President Obama and said he hoped to help the Republican Party regain its footing — from a distance.

“I recognize that as the guy who lost the election, I’m not in a position to tell everybody else how to win,” Romney toldFox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace. “They’re not going to listen and I don’t have the credibility to do that anyway.  But I still care.  And I still believe that there are principles that we need to stand for.”

Criticizing the stalemate on the sequester — $85 billion in automatic spending cuts that are slated to go into effect because Democrats and Republicans could not reach an agreement — the former GOP nominee accused the president of “campaigning” by flying around the country “berating Republicans” instead of pulling aside Democrats and a few Republicans to cut a deal.

Full Romney Interview Part 1 (From FOX News)

Full Romney Interview Part 2 (From FOX News)


“It kills me not to be there, not to be in the White House doing what needs to be done,” Romney told Wallace. “The president is the leader of the nation. The president brings people together, does the deals, does the trades, knocks the heads together; the president leads. And I don’t see that kind of leadership happening right now.”

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    • Meg

      Did you just say the Republicans WANTED the sequester?! Do you even read before you speak?? Mr Obama crafted the sequester and harangued both parties for support. He is just crying because he never thought his political tactics would be discovered (other than pointing fingers and refusing to take the blame). He blames the GOP because he can’t blame Bush anymore. But if he was really so hardworking and looking for solutions, don’t you think he would have had something for the Democrat controlled Senate?? And anything that is brought up by Republicans is shot down by Obama because it doesn’t raise taxes, it cuts spending. I’m sorry, but who REALLY is to blame??

  • Sam Sumner

    GOP is a joke. The tea party wanted the sequester and now they have it, so we'll see how many Republicans survive the next election.

  • Ernie

    The Republicans need to remember their roots and core values. Romney had no chance of being elected. He was nominated thinking he would woo moderates but instead lost the conservative majority. The thinking that conservatives must vote for a "republican" candidate no matter how compromising with liberalism he/she is was again shown to be a philosophy for losing.

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