Judge tells police: Give the man his marijuana back

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

potTACOMA — Tacoma Municipal Court Judge Jack Emery may have set a precedent when he ordered police to give a man’s marijuana back to him.

The News Tribune of Tacoma reported Friday that Emery agreed with the argument of  Joseph Robertson that police had no right to seize the less than 40 grams of pot because he is a designated provider of medical marijuana.

“I feel great,” Robertson told the News Tribune outside the court Thursday. “You’ve got to stand up for people’s rights sometimes.”

Robertson said he hoped to retrieve his marijuana from the police property room within a week.

Police had seized the pot when they stopped Robertson last May for speeding. After smelling marijuana, police searched his car and found a small amount of pot.

City prosecutors dismissed his possession charge in December after the state’s vote to legalize marijuana. Robertson asked for his pot back, but the city refused. So he took it to court, and won.

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  • joe

    lol, i almost hope it got "accidentally" destroyed. going by police math thats like 40 thousand dollars worth of pot he could sue for

  • commonly sensible

    Best you wipe the obvious red herrings across the track and lead your followers to the land of the bigots. Leave us with the scent of freedom to trace our course without you. Once there you can have competitions to be the most judgmental and come up with innovative new things to judge. I am sure it will be a swell place to live. I take the land of the free any time.

  • Esco

    All the other judges in America can learn from this judge. Times are changing and the cops need to change with the times too.

  • Cuindless

    "Now it is a haven for stoners, flashers, illegal immigrants, homosexuals and alcoholics."

    Yeah. Isn't it great!

  • Rob Foe

    Unfortunately The Cops Are STILL the ones that got picked on and beat up by Kids like us that were getting high and sticking it to their girlfriends lmao So they will NEVER drop their grudge against us.It really all boils down to that.The judges are becoming more progressive because they realize that its the only way for them to stay relevant and Not fade away is to Change along with the rest of the world.People that are hateful and ignorant about the use of marijuana ought to be castrated just for the simple fact that they will breed more closed minded bigots.I Think everyone should have their own Freedom to make whatever choice they want.Wether it be to smoke 25 joints of blueberry Kush a day or to not smoke at all,it should still be up to THEM.Now dont get me wrong,I Still think it shouldnt be legal for you to just blaze up at the park with a bunch of kids around but if your a 30 year old adult,And you want to Smoke a joint while your walking down the street minding your own business,More Power to ya.The thing Is,You dont see people that smoke pot out there trying to cram it down peoples throat and MAKE them smoke,more or less screaming at people to get high and Follow our beliefs.Which is EXACTLY what the other side tries to do not only to us,but anyone and everyone who might be associated with what we beilieve in.It's absolute insanity if you think about how people would react if the situation were reversed and all of americas potheads started forcing that way of life down EVERYONES throat.But I digress,We arent like that and we generally believe that everyone has a right to choose for themselves.Why cant WE have that choice TOO????

    • Mike

      You do realize the drug war is a progressive policy? You do realize the otherside that tries to force their beliefs upon all are the progressives? The progressives demand absolute fealty to whatever the movements current leadership desire, and they change the rules whenever it suits their agenda. You do realize prior to 1920 you could purchase from a pharmacist any drug you decided you needed without paying a doctor for permission? That is when progressives declared the individual was stupid, and unable for decide for themselves. keep progessing and soon you will experience absolute serfdom.

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