54-year-old tries out for LA Dodgers during Spring Training

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54 year old tries out for dodgersFOX 10 News Staff Report — More than 35 years after playing in a Major League Baseball farm league as a teenager, a 54-year-old got a second chance at his dream.

Since having his first shot at playing in the MLB, Tom Wright, a former outfielder, spent time playing on spring training teams and even had a stint in the Mexican Major Leagues.

But he always wanted to land on a MLB roster, so he recently posted a YouTube video of his batting practice and throwing the knuckleball — which garnered some big league attention.

“The Dodgers expressed interest, the Tigers, the Cubs and the Marlins,” said Wright.

He says age is not a factor.

“I’m dead lifting over 500 pounds.  I’ve dead lifted over 600 pounds and you know, why not?”

Wright decided to come to the valley for a chance at landing on either the Cubs or Dodgers.

And Dodgers legend Tommy Lasorda was there to get a first hand look and shared his thoughts on the knuckleball.

“It’s tough to throw that pitch and you just don’t have to be able to throw that pitch, you have to be able throw fastballs also because if you get behind with that knuckleball, you’re going to have to walk him,” said Lasorda.

Wright says although he can throw the knuckleball, he has a few other tricks in his bag.

“There’s no reason why I can’t throw the knuckleball.  It’s a technical pitch.  I’m 50 to 60 miles per hour, my fast ball is in the 80s..I have a good slider..there’s no reason why I can’t pitch.”

Unfortunately, Wright didn’t make the Dodgers team, but he won’t give up hope.

The 2013 MLB season begins March 31st.

– See more at: http://www.myfoxphoenix.com/story/21428784/2013/02/28/dodgers#sthash.2GFRIYpy.dpuf

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