Everett police shoot ‘aggressive’ pit bull near elementary school

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

pitbullEVERETT — Police shot and killed a loose, “aggressive” pit bull Monday morning near an Everett elementary school.

Everett police received multiple calls of two pit bulls running loose, chasing cars and acting mean around 11 a.m. in the 5400 block of Rockefeller Avenue. Callers expressed concern because the dogs were running in a public place near an elementary school, police said.

An officer attempted to contact the dogs’ suspected owners at their home, but no one answered the door. As the officer turned to leave, two pit bulls confronted him, police said. The dogs advanced on the officer and he tried to kick them away.

The officer shot one dog when it charged a second time.

The other dog ran off after the gunfire and remains at large.

Everett Animal control officers took custody of the dead dog. No charges have been filed, but Everett police are looking into past complaints about the animals.

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  • BFornberg

    The report on Ch. 5, which came out first, says the dog was trapped on a porch when it was shot. The shooters wasted no time starting to change the story. Of course it helps when the "journalists" aren't asking any questions.

      • BFornberg

        Anyhow, there's no mention of the porch in the story at hand. Do a keyword search, if you like. The thing is that the dog was killed on the owner's property.

  • dakanogida

    I'm in Oklahoma, but be that as it may, try coming onto MY property and shooting one of MY dogs and see what happens! You really want to be on national news? I can arrange that.

  • Pups

    It was my dog, actually puppy. And the police story does keep changing. One of there stories said my dog was "charging" at him, but bullet found in my dogs neck… tell me how thats possible when someone is shooting from on top of my porch and a dog is running towards him. Its not. Next story was that my dog wouldn't let him leave my porch… my dog was shot in my front yard 4-5 feet away from porch, nearly on the other side of the railing. Don't know how a 70 pound dog can keep a 200lb police officer trapped on a porch from five feet away on the other side of the railing.