Local gun rights advocates ready for ‘hard fight’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — Gun advocates across Puget Sound got the chance to sound off Saturday against President Obama’s proposed legislation to outlaw assault rifles and high capacity magazines.

Armed with signs and semi-automatics, dozens of gun rights activists rallied in downtown Kirkland.

“We oppose the 23 executive actions by Obama and we also oppose any bills that restrict our ability to bear arms,” Jacob Kukuk, the event organizer, said.

This week, five bills aimed at gun control failed to make it out of a senate committee in Olympia. It was a minor victory for gun rights advocates but their war is far from over.

“We got to fight a hard fight,” Jay Leeberg said. “People are fighting for our rights and liberties and trying to take them away every day.”

In Puyallup, hundreds of people jammed into the fairgrounds for a gun show. Some people were buying firearms for the very first time. Cassandra Johnson bought a pistol for peace of mind.

“Got a .357,” Johnson said.  “I don’t know much about it. First time buying a gun and I’ve only shot guns a couple of time so just want to get more experience.”

Others are very experienced gun handlers. Jeremy Tompkins collects rare guns dating back to the First World War. Finding his favorite weapons has become a bigger battle. Proposed legislation is driving up prices on everything from AKs to the common Winchester.

“All that stuff is through the roof,” Tompkins said when talking about prices.  “It’s all become very expensive because of the demand. Supply and demand like anything else. That’s capitalism at its best right?”

Tompkins said there is one person to thank for this new gun craze sweeping Washington and the nation.

“Obama should win gun salesman of the year award,” he said.

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