Judge rejects union’s suit to block NBA arena in Sodo

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

arenabSEATTLE — A judge rejected the longshore workers union’s lawsuit that sought to prevent the construction of an NBA/NHL arena in the Sodo area of Seattle.

Mayor Mike McGinn released the following statement regarding the decision:

“This is a big win in our work to bring the Sonics home to Seattle. We are continuing our efforts to follow the decision-making path laid out by the MOU. At the end of that path are decisions by the City and County Councils, equipped with more information, on how to proceed with a proposed Arena. Part of that new information will be the environmental impact statement which will fully examine the impacts of an Arena at various locations.”

King County Councilman Joe McDermott and Seattle City Councilman Tim Burgess also released statements supporting the judge’s decision.

The Longshore Workers Union Local 19 said it would continue to oppose the building of a sports complex in Seattle’s Sodo district and along the Port of Seattle traffic corridor.

“This is only one and the first of the court rulings that are likely to occur on this project,” said Cameron Williams, president of ILWU local 19. “We will continue to oppose this project and the development of a Sports Entertainment Complex in Sodo that would adjoin an arena and drive maritime jobs and business away from Seattle.”

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  • Ralph

    So what was the Judge’s name? Thanks for only giving us part of the story. Way to do only part of your job, reporter. What a lack of professionalism on the reporters side of this story.

  • DesertEagle

    The Sonics are long gone. The Kings are a second-rate NBA team. Hansen wants the taxpayers to foot the extra $200 M and set it down in the most congested area of downtown Seattle, right next to the other stadium we are still paying for…by the way, the Mariner's haven't won a game since it was built! Who can afford to go to a game, let alone pay for the parking! This town has it's priorities all wrong. Discontinue the buses, close the libraries, but for sure we need bike bridges and more sports stadiums.

  • Redney Boles

    Solution for the ports access issues. Build an elevated roadway from I5 to the west side of the arena site. This wood take the heavy trucks off Seattle streets. Any arena deal must include a parking structure. The century link and Safeco do not have adequate parking.

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